Rugfest 2013

Sorry Cernunnos it's not that sort of Rugfest, although from last year there was a bit on display in the tents after the beer tent closed.........

Ladies and Gents, it's that time of year and Rugfest approaches once again.

For those hermit types that exist in some cave in the wilds somewhere it is a Music event with Live bands and more importantly Beer..........It runs from Friday evening, 21 Jun 13 to Saturday Night 22 Jun 13 or until the beer is finally finished. It is a weekend of debauchery and Beer

On the 2011 event I believe there was 45 different beers available, approx 10 different ciders and some lager for the southerners........guinness was also available in the club house. 2013 saw 50 different beers and additional stock had to be acquired at 2000 hrs on the saturday to ensure the local AA would have a huge influx the following Monday.

Even though it is listed as Rugfest it is name so purely because of the premises used, there is no rugby involved(sadly in my opinion).

It is very family friendly.

And for the serious drinkers amongst you there is space for camping to reduce time from accommodation to beer etc........

If in doubt about the event try the likes of CC-TA who knows of the event, and even an ugly bugger like him could get laid there

Oh and did I mention beer.......


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