Ruger Old Army cylinder pins - anyone?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by plunderer, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. After a lunk in our club bent the cylinder pin on my ROA after dismantling it and failing to tighten the locking screw, I called up Christine at Ruger to order a new one.

    She told me that -

    a. there are no more base pins - blued or stainless.

    b. there are no more ANY spares that are not common to the centre-fire Blackhawk series revolvers.

    Soooooooooooo, I have cast about for somebody to make a few, and located a local precision engineering company prepared to do just that for not too much money, bearing in mind that there are otherwise none at all. They will be made of a high grade of austenitic stainless steel used to make valves [316] and so on in the petro-chemical industry, and therefore highly suitable for this application. Each and every one will be tested in my own ROA before I walk out of the door with them, but as the company concerned routinely works to aerospace and space technology tolerances I have no doubt that they will fit the job.

    I need at least ten orders to make it a going concern, and so far have seven here in UK and the USA.

    Anybody interested should PM me, please, for details.

  2. there is an ARRSEr who has a work-shop lathe and milling machine, making a part(s) like this is not a problem, and he would be quite compeditive priced on even a single unit.
    I'v PMed him for you with link to thread.

    I'm in the process of setting-up a CNC work-shop at the moment, give me 3-4 months to finish off getting f**ked about with planning permissions and machine installation and I can knock out the bits required as well.
  3. Very useful to know - right now I'm still awaiting orders to get the requisite minimum to make the run, but I'm more than happy to hear from an ARRSE-r.

    Thank you!


  4. OK, gentlemen, unless I hear from at least two more by the end of this week, it's Project Cancelled.

  5. Last chance.

  6. Dear All - especially those who wanted one of these pins to replace their own bent/damaged whatever item now that Ruger has reneged on their spare parts commitment.

    My efforts to get more than a very few interested in buying one of small production run that I was funding with a local engineering company has failed to raise enough interest, and as a result the project is cancelled.

    My apologies to the couple of you who did express an interest, including me, of course.

    I won't be getting one either.

  7. Well that is a bugger.

    So which spare parts are common to the Blackhawk and therefore still available should the need arise?
  8. Interesting, what part of the world are you in..??..what sort of stuff do you envisage making..??
  9. I'm in the north/west UK. setting-up a CNC light precision custom machine-shop, bespoke machining, small-medium production runs, and parts/accessories to the RFD trade.
    I'm hoping to be up and running by end of October at the latest.
  10. Kay.

    Here we go with common parts -

    Most internal parts including the hand and bolt, trigger, mainspring actuator and spring but not the hammer.

    The underframe screws, but not the back of the frame screws - I had the last four in existence and passed the two I didn't need to one of you guys in return for a contribution to Help for Heroes.

    Sight assemblies.

    Basically ALL the parts that are unique to the OA are gone, said to include cylinders, too.

    This is where Doctor Stealth will be our friend.