Ruger Old Army - BAD news

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by plunderer, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Evenin', All - for the many BP handgun shooters out there who own one of the fine pieces [and acccording to some, that's around 2000 here in the UK alone] - there is nothing but bad news.

    I had occasion to order some rear frame screws last year from Sturm, Ruger and was advised by the redoubtable Christine over there that I'd be doing myself a favour by ordering four of them.

    'Why?' I axed.

    'Cos that's all there are left' she replied.

    I did, and have just sent the other two on to a pal on another forum.

    However, two weeks ago, a ham-fisted noob in the club managed to demonstrate his immense strength by bending the cylinder base pin almost into an L-shape, by simply forgetting to turn the lock screw after re-assembling it, and then trying to load it.

    Another call to Viking Arms resulted in another communication with Christine - there are NO base pins left either.

    Nor loading levers.

    Nor any other of the bits and pieces that are NOT shared with the large-frame Blackhawk-series revolvers.

    So basically, us ROA owners are now on our own.

    So PLEASE don't break anything, OK?

    tac - ROA owner since 1986
  2. See if you can get the drawings, and find a good gunsmith, or toolmaker.
  3. Any reason for the lack of stock? Just a UK problem? Can you just order parts from mainland Yurp?
  4. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    A colleague of mine put nitro in his Ruger old Army instead of Black powder, needless to say I copped for a load of bits from what was left.

    Fire me a list of what you need and I'll have a rummage round my box..... fnarr fnarr
  5. Belt Mountain make base pins for Rugers but boringly now appear to have stopped doing the Old Army version. However I think the only unique feature was the cut out and slot for the ramming lever so might be able to use another Ruger base pin of suitable dimension but that means an external loading press for the cylinder.

    Bill Ruger must be rotating in his grave.
  6. Unfortunately I now longer have the address or website, but a small company by the name of Dyson in north (ish) England do make spares to order.
  7. Dear Mr Porridge_gun - basically- everything that you can legally send me would be great. I can even arrange for money to change hands. PM me for contact details, if you are still able to do so.

    @Croque_Monsieur - maybe there are still spares in mainland Europe, but there certainly are none at all at the Sturm, Ruger factory. Viking Arms here in UK, however helpful they may have been in the past, are unable to provide spares that do not exist, and TBH I wouldn't have a clue where to begin to ask for spares in Europe.

  8. I've already contacted them and they make base pins for the cartridge conversions, but not for the front-loading version. Life is too short to dismantle the gun every time you load, IMO, but thank you for the information.

  9. Ruger Old Army-Better news
    The following will make anything for BP shooters:- Peter Dyson & Son (Gunsmiths)
    Cuckoo Lane, Hornley, Holmfirth, Yorkshire, HD9 6AS