Ruger Mini 14 Rifle - accessories, stock wanted.

I'm after the ruger made folding stock to fit a mini 14 (series 181/182), you know, that original thin tubular one.

i saw some folding stocks for sale on a UK site last year, (both blued and stainless) but buggered if i can find the site now.

if anyone knows where i can find one, plus ORIGINAL ruger hi-capacity mags please let me know.
i found some original 20 rd mags at helstons gunsmiths,(£18) but i'm really hunting for more 30 rd.

cheers, stealth 8)
I suggest you try Messers, Barracus, Smith, Murdoch and Peck.

Somewhere in the Los Angeles underground.

Not sure theirs was the best equipment as through all the rounds fire they never actually hit anyone. I suggest you try and get one of their magazines, they last for ages.

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