Ruger Mini 14 accuracy and bolt

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Jubbles, May 3, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone, I have a straight pull ruger mini 14 in 5.56 and im just wondering what is the best accuracy i can expect from this rifle. I've managed to hit a figure 12 from 600ydswith iron sights using mil surplus ammo but im thinking of getting a scope to stick on it, however what accuracy can I expect from it?

    also i have 2 problems with the bolt, when i fire it moves back maybe half an inch then back in place is this an issue? just wondering if with a weaker sping it might become "accidently" semi auto haha although it wouldnt be worth it as the range master can kick on full auto

    also when I was using wolf ammo the bolt was fine (but still moved) however when I changed to surplus It began to stick and refuse to slide back, I had to yank on it up to 15 times for it to move back, however it would do it first time other times

    is this due to steel case ammo not expanding as much as brass?

    any help would be appreciated
  2. For use with 5.56Nato (SS109 62grain) You will need a 1:9 or faster twist. The older military 55r bullet is ok in 1:12

    If it's coming unlatched on firing there's something wrong. Get it checked out.
  3. yeah the twist in the barrel is good but what moa can i expect?

    what could be causing it to unlatch?
  4. Is it something like this one?

    This one belongs to my mate's wife. She let me shoot it for a while. :)
  5. Wear, broken parts, over pressure cartridge.... ?
  6. No, that's not a Mini 14...

    Many straight-pulls will unlock under the inertia of the working parts (L98 included). It shouldn't be a huge issue, but a stronger spring is all you can do.

    Accuracy-wise, if you're getting 4MOA you're doing bloody well. Expect MUCH worse, unless it's a heavy-bbl version. You can buy a stabiliser (or could in the past) which supposedly helped.

    Wolf 55gn is very lightly loaded, and yes the steel will spring back more than brass. Handloading is the way forward, but the rifle will prefer some brands of brass more than others. Keep it clean and don't load it too hot.
  7. Could've fooled me Stoaty. I got told It's a Ruger mini-14 Police carbine.
    All ok with you and family? Long time no see mate!
  8. its clean and well oiled, but do you know what might be causing the second bolt problem? also my wolf is 62grn not 55

    as for 4moa, i managed to hit a figure 12 twice with 20 rounds rapid fire at 600 yds while aiming high with the sights, personally i think that when It has a scope 4moa will be a thing of the past.

    what causes it to have such accuracy problems?
  9. Cheap rifle made to a price then bastardised to suit UK laws. If the bolt comes unlatched every other round what do you think that does for consistency?

    It's never going to be great.
  10. Ruger Mini-14


    Looks like the kid brother of the M-14 Service Rifle
  11. A very light, whippy barrel, and tolerances to ensure functioning (i.e. loose).

    The hand fitted heavy barrel match versions will do around minute of angle.

    With the standard ones,v 4MOA is the absolute best you can possibly expect, and it doesn't matter what you put on top of it. 6-8 MOA with one is nothing to be ashamed of if you have an iffy one. They're not intended as target guns -- they are simply the world's most expensive plinker, intended to do "minute of tin can", or "minute of feral pig".
  12. I carry a sports bottle with me and pour it on the barrel to cool it down, 60 rounds makes it heat up very fast, a couple times i have put a 150+ rounds through it and the oil starts to burn, still makes for a bit of fun as its a great rifle

    not something id buy if i had the chance to go back but still a bit of fun all the same

    what is it that makes the mini 14 so inherently innaccurate? other weapons with the same barrel length and calibre do far better, mine is one of the older ones that originally came over, still im happy with it
  13. As I said before, a very (in fact extremely) light, whippy barrel, and tolerances to ensure functioning (i.e. loose). This is also compounded by a very dubious bedding system with the metal held into the wood or plastic essentially under spring tension, and the relatively loose fit between the metal and the stock does not ensure that they are in exactly the same relationship every shot, which compounds the problem of the light whippy barrel since it affects the consistency of the barrel harmonics.

    As the meerkat says, simples!
  14. now i just feel stupid for buying the damn thing in the first place :( , maybe its a bit of kit to deactivate or stick on guntrader and hope someone else buys it

    still with a few hundred rounds of ammo left for it there's only one thing to do and thats burn through it all and torture the gun to death haha

    I think il keep it and use it as a spray and pray gun
  15. Ive had a Mini 14 ranch rifle for over twenty years and never had any problems with it as long as I dont fire off hundreds of rounds with a half tidy scope and Choete furniture it does the biz for me, for any longer range I use my Parker Hale 1200 7.62 also over twenty years old, they aint broke so why get rid