Ruger 10/22

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by archer, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. Bought one the other week.
    1982 manufacture and "bog standard"

    It came as a package, Scope, PH moderator- Knackered but that's sorted. 2 Ruger mags and a Butler Creek 25 round.

    Bit grubby tho not rusty

    Spent some time with Ugly and took the Ruger along for a try out.

    Shot quite well and with Uglys' help now shoots better.

    Stripped it as per Uglys' instructions and cleaned it.

    The original mag is fine, spare is sticky to release, Butler Creek mag?- yeh well jams/misfeeds quite often,
    Bolt hold open catch is sticky to release.
    Trigger? Not too smooth but usable

    I thought straight mags and fitting an extending mag release? but as a working bunny basher that's about the limit.

    So if you've got at 10/22, what changes have you made? and were they ok?
  2. If you are going to use it as a rabbit gun I would shy away from the extended magazine catch.

    I had one on a 10/22 and if I carried the rifle "at the Trail" the balance point was around the mag catch and your hand will press against the catch and the mag drop out.

    My current 10/22 does have an extended catch as it's used for gallery rifle. It also has a Volquartsen hammer, sear, trigger and extractor.

    The stock is a Tac Solutions


    And the barrel is a Tac Solutions light weight fluted one:


    I machined off the dovetail of the original scope mount and fitted a weaver rail that I machined with a 0.020" taper on it. This gave me some extra clearance for the objective of the scope.
  3. I had a lot of fun with my 10/22T once I sorted out the jams: mag lubrication issues were the cause.

    You can't beat a semi-auto for the 'running squirrel' target.
  4. Fitted Viking moderator and bought spare mag (Genuine) to avoid having to carry spare rounds. Err that's it.

    Having said that, it already had the plastic stock and so is an ideal bunny gun for our climate.

    Got it for a song ages back and so I am a happy bunny. (If you'll excuse the expression.)
  5. Has anyone replaced the rear sear pin (?) with a teflon one (the logic being to reduce metal on metal noise for stealthier bunnying)? Does it make a difference?
  6. My 10/22 is bog-standard - the only difference is it has a full-length moderator as done by LEI. Only use sub-sonic hollow points in it and using the standard mag is a) reliable enough and b) sufficient capacity. If I ever get over-run by charging bunnies, something has gone desperately wrong!

    It sounds about as loud as a .177 air rifle - no need for ear defenders and it doesn't annoy the neighbours. A plus is that it just looks like a standard bull-barrel, so no screw-on moderator to scare random joggers, dog-walkers etc. :)
  7. Horrid bit of junk... best modified with a steam hammer IMHO...
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I've got a spare, brand new ABS black stock for one if you'd like - only £40.00.
  9. Ok but what makes you write your comment?,

    For me,

    The original mag is fine, spare is sticky to release, Butler Creek mag?- yeh well jams/misfeeds quite often,
    Bolt hold open catch is sticky to release.
    Trigger? Not too smooth but usable

    I was asked to clear a warren. Gunfire at 5 am would disturb the neighbours so I decided on a sub/moderated .22.

    I regularly use (3 or 4 times a week) a B/A 17HMR and decided that a semi would do the job and provide some light informal shooting.

    It cleared the rabbits and is amusing for non competitive target shooting.

    It aint up to match accuracy but I can live with that.
  10. The one I've owned since 1982 hasnt given me any problems. I use Factory Mags and whatever .22LR is available.

    Recently added some new sights to it as an alternate practice rifle. Ruger's have a Good Reputation here
  11. Ive had one for a few weeks now, reliability is excellent but accuracy is a bit alarming compared to my .17hmr, has anyone tried removing the barrel band ( Ive heard that the barrel/reciever joint isnt that strong)