Ruger 10/22 Maglite Bracket

Does anyone have any experience of using a Mini-Maglite via a simple bracket on the 10/22.

I thought of using a a Fenix flashlight bike bracket. Any comments? (Bearing in mind that I have spare Mini-Maglites.)
It'll work but maglights are crap for your intended use. No thumb switch so either on all the time scaring rats off or keep missing shots fiddling with the torch head, too dim so will need a decent size AO on your scope increasing PX error.
Put a section of picatinny rail on the side of the stock then you can use any number of light/mount combos.
In all seriousness you can get a cheap LED torch with tight focus for about £15 from a garage that will eclipse the maglite in every sense. Buy a pair of scope mounts, mount one upside down to the scope, screw the other one to it to make a figure 8. Clamp torch on and job is a good 'un.

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