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Hi, my name's rob and I'm new to this so be kind :)
I thought I'd break the ice with some rugby big hits
Some dirty stuff in there. Late hits, spear tackles, high tackles.

Also in this series: Vinnie Jones Soccer Skills.

(P.S. For the ghouls amongst you on Facebook, go and take a look at a group called Rugby Injury appreciation.)
Best played between the 400 and 300 metre points at the back of the range while waiting for the buses to arrive!

Hours of fun as an ITC Pl Comd!!
Played with a medicine ball. Anyone catching the (somewhat eccentric) OC's eye for whatever reason was made to sit on the ball on the centre spot.

Company was split in 2, half on each goal line. On OC's whistle both halves stampeded for the ball and the unfortunate sitting on it.

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