Discussion in 'Aviation' started by HelManx, May 30, 2003.

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  1. For any of you old and bold Rugby players out there not still in the corps.
    Just letting you know that on Thursday 12th June the AAC 7 A Side Rugby Competition is taking place at Wallop.

    If any of you are interested in playing for the BaaBaas then Contact the Rugby Officer at Wallop for more Info.
  2. No way its a game for poofs all running round trying to cuddle a man with an odd shaped ball.................
  3. Trust you to come out with a comment like
    Say hi to Mrs Bigglesworth for me.
  4. Message sent over
  5. Never quite made it as a signaller then Mr Bigglesworth ;D

    Msg sent....out, surely ;) Or use the correct relay procedure

    Even ORG would have known that and he is a through and through bowser mong, when he came on the lash he was wearing a jackson suit and stank of avtur ;D And hes been out five years
  6. Being a bleep though, MDN could not find the drinking venue as he had got lost.

    There was also the matter of his phone not working as he had neglected to fit the correct type of battery, even though he had 7 weeks notice to move.

    When he eventually did turn up, he refused to take on his "stag" duties at the bar as he complained that he may be required to man the phones later in the night, and maybe have to blow off the eton educated club manager.

    After sitting in the back of a darkened box all night, sipping Tizer, he emerged 6 hours later, eyes like p1ss holes, w*nk mag in hand and boy juice down the front of his trollies.

    Just like the old days ;D
  7. All I said was that I passed the message onto my wife and I get all that abuse, cheers lads. :mad: Must say though not much being said about rugby, told you it was a poofs sport!
  8. Pay no attention to MDN or ORG as they are just being silly buggers again.
  9. Mr Bigglesworth, you big soft girly Norman ;D

    Forgot the Qs dept was lower even than the MT mongs ;D
  10. MDN,
    Your just being boring in a cruel way now ;)
  11. Nothing cruel or boring about taunting Normans ;D

    Especially in the form of Mr Bigglesworth, the southern shandy swilling tranny
  12. I never took you as the jealous type MDN, maybe you were a closet Norman before you left.
  13. He was a closet G string wearer.  I have the photo !
  14. You will find me confessing to noshing goats before you here me cofess to ever being a storeman.

    Would rather have my fingers hammered flat ;D
  15. I can vouch for the goat noshing, MDN, now tell us about this long fantasy of being a norman?