Rugby World Cup 2011

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by schweik, Apr 3, 2011.

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  1. Its a few months away yet, but there is plenty to discuss.

    Will any NH sides make a impression after a poor 6 Nations Championship?

    Who is over the hill and on their swansong?

    Who are the new kids on the block who will set the competition alight?

    Who is going to win?
  2. For my part can I note that Gavin Henson scored on his debut for Toulon (for whom JW kicked 18 points in the same game). Will Henson figure for Wales? Should he?

    I'd like to see him back in a Wales shirt, but without the orange skin and silly hairdo. And with his head sorted out. Unfortunately I think that is wishful thinking on my part.
  3. New Zealand have it in the bag already. I know their history of not winning etc, but I can't see how they can lose.

    Did anyone else watch the Bucaneers match last weekend?? **** me! They are something else! They also have 4th choice players that will beat a top flight team.

    Dan Carter is looking fitter than I think I've ever seen him.
  4. The All Blacks are going to win. It'll be only the second time they've won despite having the world's greatest team for decades. It's the only reason the World Cup is in NZ as they choke away from home otherwise.

    No doubt they'll do the usual jokes of attempting to give other teams food poisoning, put them in hotels where they'll have mates making noise all night to stop opposition teams sleeping etc, then play out of their skins to win in true fashion. Making us all wonder why they resort to aforementioned tactics in the first place......

    The Aussies will let their mouths do all the work in advance and they will choke. Shame ;-)

    The 6 Nations teams will do poorly. Expect England to do better than expected despite a slow start. Maybe a semi-final place.

    Personally I'm looking forward to watching the other teams like Latvia, Bulgaria and some other nations we never see play other than at RWCs.

    As long as it's a great rugbyfest, who cares who wins ? Roll on 2015 !!!!!!

  5. Is it all going to be on 'proper' television, or is it on Sky?

    My predictions:

    England fail to reach the Quarter Finals. They will have to qualify for 2015 against: Nicaragua; Monaco and Roedean Girls' 2nd XV (England fail to qualify)
    Ireland not invited - all over the papers today.
    Scotland fail to raise the air-fares.
    France sulk.
    Australia and South Africa are the beaten Semi-Finalists, and

    WALES beat ALL BLACKS in thrilling final 69 - 6 (All NZ points scored by Carter).
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  6. They be some quality drugs your on
    My money is on a NZ v Boks final with the Boks spanking the Ozzys in the semi final to get there and NZ beating England to get to the final
  7. Isquared Please report to the MO immediately for your CDT.
    I hate to rain on your parade but England automatically qualify by dint of the fact that they are the Hosts.

    My Personal take
    Pool A New Zealand, France
    Pool B Eng, Arg
    Pool C Aus Ire
    Pool D RSA, Fiji or Wales

    Winner C (Aus) Runner up D (Fiji/Wales) Winner Aus
    Winner B (Eng) Runner Up A (France) Winner Eng (Just)
    Winner D (RSA) Runner Up C (Ire) Winner RSA
    Winner A (NZ) Runner Up B (Arg) Winner NZ

    Winner QF1 (Aus) QF2 (Eng) - Reckon the Aussies this time but their record against England in RWC is mixed since the days of Campo
    Winner QF3 (RSA) Winner QF4 (NZ) - NZ After the Seth Efricans find their hotel rooms located underneath a hardcore trance disco.

    Final Aus V NZ. Would love it if NZ bottled it again but I suspect they will win at home.
    3rd Place - who cares
  8. Nothing remotely boring or stereotypically Taff about you is there Isquared ? ;-)

    Try telling it like it is and with feeling ! :)

    Can't believe you have your Celtic 'brothers' replaced with SH teams in the semis too.

    At least I can get odds of England making it to the final (even if they be LONG odds). The only chance a Welshman has of being in the final is if they let your little ref' chappie do the gig !

  9. The way the groups are structured I don't think the Yarpies can make the final against NZ unless they throw a game in the pool stages.
  10. Oh, and I thought England would be a good threat until I saw their truly dreadful "performance" against Ireland. Looks like they're aiming for 2015 now.
  11. as you have probably guessed i have no idea who is in what group that was a small bet i put on with a mate about 2 years ago as he at the time reckoned The France were going to win it in a The France vs Whales final ................ personally I thought he was overdoing the LSD hence my prediction

    Are the games going to be on normal telly at a reasonable time or am I going to have to camp out in the pub that has sky round this here swamptown I live in
  12. I think they will fluke a semi final place at the most

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Alternatively, 'Free Willy' to remain the only recorded example of Whales getting out of a pool.

    Sadly I can't see how even the All Blacks can screw this one up. A Southern Hemisphere romp with France or England making up the numbers, that's where my Groats are going.
  14. NH sides, England to reach quarter-finals...........

    France outside bet because no one knows which France will turn up on the day? As much as we all hate them, when they are on song, they are superb.....

    Ireland, (for some reason which I don't know why) I am tipping as the big surprise, just a gut feeling, but I think they will do well. The new lads look sharp and seem to be settling, the old boys playing well, gut feeling they are contender???????

    Wales, the puzzle? How can a side with such payers and passion fall short on so many big occasions? Not expecting great things, but who knows?

    Scotland............................... hahahahahahahah! Sorry back to teams with a chance...............................

    Last 4: Aus/SA/NZ............ England or Ireland or France?

    As for the winner, NZ......................... Sonny Bill Williams (best centre on the planet?), Carter (best standoff on the planet?) and of course the best open side (of all time?)............ No contest, I cant see past them!

    NH prospects to watch and make their mark: Sexton/O'Brien (Ireland), Grey/Ainsbrough (Scotland), Warburton/North (Wales), Corbisiero/Wood (England).............

    Swan songs for me: O'Driscoll, McCaw, Paterson, Harinordiquay, Parrise (and long will they all be missed by any true person who appreciates Rugby Union)!
  15. I do hope that I did not offend anyone with my earlier post, but:

    WALES to win by a canter!

    Why do I post this? Simple: because we are the GREATEST!!! England are the WORSTEST!!!
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