Rugby World Cup 2003

Ok I m living downunder (and went to the quarterfinals) and have spent the last month giving the aussie static about our glorious triumph (as they have to me about our cricket for the last three years)

However I heard from my sister (living amongst ethnic's north of the border in inverness) that we got a resounding boo-ing when the full time whistle was blow?? I also heard that in Wales it was printed that England were "making too much of this win..."

Now I know there maybe a few individuals that may feel a bit bitter and twisted about how we rapped and pillaged their counties a few hundred years ago but what gives? If scotland or wales had made it to the final then I m sure a lot of England fans would have cheered them on...

Obviously there's not much "United" about the kingdom anymore...
It was a bloody close run thing, all in all and it is a good thing for Rugby world wide to have the cup in the northern hemisphere (even if only for a few years!!).

I feel that what upsets some people is the way that it has been portrayed as an easy victory - when in fact the match went to extra time and Johny Wilkinson slotted the ball between the posts with only 25 seconds to spare......

Most of the gripping is from idiots that would gripe about it anyway....though i think that a number of people are quite put out about the England team being given honours (OBE's etc) for doing their job (for which they are well paid + sponsorship money etc) - no other commonwealth team has ever been given the same recognition....(not that i expect Scotland to win anything in the near future - apart from the curling :lol: )
Thats a fair comment (about the OBE's) the aussie were particularly unimpressed about it (getting awards for wining the first cup in 36 years?? why havent we be unindated with awards then!!!)

However I do feel that maybe this was served as an incentive to other sportsmen to get off their arses and get some gongs, I m refering of course to the over paid kiss ballers who have to date done nothing worth of mention since 1966!!

There should be more "Lion's" type tours getting a cross spectrum of nationalities playing for the UK and less of this devolution which seems to be dividing the UK up into seperate islands

Anyhow thats my 2 bobs worth :D

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