Rugby vs Football

sadly the poncy footballer is quite close to the bone the sad demise of English football is plainly there to see in this funny ad ,is it any wonder nowadays kids look up to these over paid poofs who cant even go out and beat a team who couldn't afford boots(cameroon) and will never win another world cup but there acting abilities and spending power is first class
let's start the old debate going then... personally i enjoy watching premiership and international football, but find rugby rather dull. i might watch if england are playing out of national pride (bit like cricket), but only if there's nothing good on, and i've run out of red-hot needles to ram down my japs-eye :)
As Oscar Wilde once said;

"Ones a game for gents played by cnuts, t'others a form of sporting based conflict instigated by very tough and decent chaps indeed"

Footbabies, are the wretched of the age, utter chavs.
Rugby is a game for men, kissball is a game for losers. Nuff said!

If I played kissball on TV (clearly I'm a rugby player) and I took a dive, as they do, then I couldn't walk into my parents house and ever look my Dad in the eyes again! What a lack of self pride these people have!
"Football is a game for gentlemen played by hooligans and Rugby is a game for hooligans played by gentleman"
Rugby all the way-I'd rather lick my own arsehole than watch a game of football.
Can't stand watching football, never been to a match. Probably the main reason being the way that footballers talk to the referree. Being a rubgy man, if you tried anything like that, or actually, said anything at all and/or didn't call him Sir, you'd be off.

The behavious of footballers may show the to be a bunch of ill educated chavs, but most importantly, it leads many, especally youth, to believe that it is perfectly acceptable to treat an authority figure with complete contempt. Then we wonder why the verbal and physical assaults on police and other uniformed civilians is going up and up.

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