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Rugby Union

What has the England 18 got on his head? Looks like a poodle that someone got halfway through trimming and gave up.

Just looked up the team list, apparently it's Will Stuart.

He shares the same hairstyle as Tom Dunn, his team-mate at Bath. I think that it’s being done in support of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance (IIRC, in essence, for every ‘like’ they get on social media for their preposterous hair cut, another team mate does a push-up and people sponsor their mate for the number of push-ups with the money going to the air ambulance. Something like that, anyway).
Watching the Wales match on S4C.
Jiffy is doing the punditry and even though I don't speak a word of Welsh, I know exactly what he is saying!
What's the Welsh for crucial?


Book Reviewer
Not much of a game so far, Wales doing ok but should be more. I suspect that things will change in the second half

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