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Rugby Union

Returning to something I was banging on about a few days ago - things that annoy me about the modern game. The modern law of calling a mark. It used to be that you had to be stood still, two feet on the ground - which meant a lot if you had eight hairy-arsed opposition forwards thundering towards you. Now you can call it in the air, on one foot, on the run, or, like that Irish player at the end of the half there, sliding along on the ground. It’s ridiculous. You just have to catch the ball and you get a free kick. Bring back the old law.
We were always taught that as you caught the ball, you had to plant a heel in the pitch, thereby creating the ‘mark’, and yell ‘Mark’ at the same time.
As you say, the imminent arrival of opposition forwards could be intimidating.
Farrell, just then, catching the ball in mid-air while on the run and called ‘Mark’. Momentum then carried him into touch with ball in hand.
So a ‘Mark’ was awarded.
England should wrap this up fairly comfortably in the second half. After what Ireland did to Wales the other day, I’m not looking forward to the Wales v England game next week. It’s likely to be an entirely one sided hammering.
Oh I dont think Wales will win by that much... maybe a couple of points in it
What has the England 18 got on his head? Looks like a poodle that someone got halfway through trimming and gave up.

Just looked up the team list, apparently it's Will Stuart.


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Finally Ireland get over the line. A great try but only a wee compensation for being humped by England.

England really are having no problems containing Ireland.
England are losing the second half 7-6 at the moment. I can’t imagine Eddie Jones being happy with that at all. They should have gone on to stick a big score on Ireland but they’ve been impotent in the second half.
Well played England. Worthy winners. Ireland bartered hard in the second half but the English defence was phenomenal.

it says a lot when I feel disappointed that we didn’t Nil them.


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Why are Wales playing as the Half-Blacks?

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