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The effects of multiple head impacts is now well recognised in terms of long standing brain injury.

That's without doubt.

However there are numerous other conditions that occur as we age that affect brain and nervous system.

A prime example is Mohammed Ali and his Parkinson's.
Another is Gary Lineker and his belief that we give a flying f**k about anything he says.


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If they managed to get hit by a fat boy they deserved it.

I was not fat.

My CR specifically stated "well built"
Yes there is at one of the Glasgow uni's. John Beattie, when he croaks it, is donating his brain for them to play around with and they are also doing current work with former players as well as wendyballists.
Following on from the above, JB passed this over

England's match against the Barbarians on Sunday is in doubt after several of the invitational side left their hotel for a night out, contrary to the fixture's Covid-19 restrictions.

The players involved have been expelled from the Barbarians squad.
The game now depends on whether enough players with an up-to-date Covid testing record can be brought in.
Wasps have named their team for the final. In a statement, Wasps explained: “Brad Shields, Kieran Brookes, Simon McIntyre and Alfie Barbeary are unavailable after being ruled out due to contact tracing protocols."

Wasps also make four changes:

Still very good lineups and the game promises to be a belter.
Can’t believe I’m actually excited to watch Scotland v Georgia, but here I am in front of the tv, beer in hand, waiting for it to start.

Don’t really care who wins as long as I get to see some test rugby