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I spent a lovely afternoon at BT Murrayfield with a bonus point within 25 minutes against a weak Scarlets, with young Kinghorn being an absolute thorn til he went off, and running in another 3 tries later on. We could do with the Weegies doing us a favour next week against Ulster before we beat the weegies the following week.

And home in time to watch the final of Melrose 7's
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Wasps let Worcester score twice in the last couple of minutes; OK it didn’t effect the result but losing concentration near the end of matches is losing us games that we should have won. Next up, Saints at home, then Newcastle away, a possibly difficult end to the regular season


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Bristol Rugby to be known as Bristol Bears for next season, do not google Bristol Bears at work :eek:
Much piss being ripped on the fan's forums....

I reckon Steve Lansdown had an 'entertaining' evening in Bristol one night and it was his bleary eyes in the morning when he woke up that registered the 'Bears' in lights above the bar counter that inspired this change. "BRISTOL BEARS!!" he thought as he left the bar and staggered his weary way home..... "I had a great night.... loads of big blokes in there with beards. I bet they enjoy rugby. Let's change the name!........ although my Arrse is killing me for some reason.....",

And he wandered off leaving the lights of the Bristol Bears Bar behind him...
Bristol Bear Bar »

Are you a 'Bear'? (In the G A Y community it refers to big hairy men) Then the Bristol Bear Bar is for you and maybe the Bristol Bears is where you should hang out on a Saturday afternoon...

Maybe it will get kids into rugby and connected with the club if they're able to make their own favourite mascot....
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Bristol Rugby to be known as Bristol Bears for next season, do not google Bristol Bears at work :eek:
I am embarrassed to be a Bris fan. Commercial crap over 100 years plus of history. I fully expect and hope that every premiership club next season compose a suitable piss taking song for rhe visiting "Bears"
I knew it would all go down hill after we moved to Ashton Gate. We've caught the football ghey!

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