Rugby Union - Top 15 of all time?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by arfurwing, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. After a heated debate (booze fueled as well) at the club I play for the other night, the subject got around to the best 15 of all time.

    Just as a thought it would be interesting to see other opinions and maybe throw in a few unlikely names that raise an eye-brow?

    Here goes with mine anyway:

    1. Oz Du Randt
    2. Sean Fitzpatrick (Kieth Wood a very close second)
    3. Phil Vickery
    4. Martin Johnson
    5. John Eales
    6. Richard Hill
    7. Richy McCaw
    8. Zinzan Brooke
    9. Gareth Edwards
    10. Barry John
    11. David Campese
    12. Phillipe Selle
    13. Brian O'Drisoll
    14. Lomu
    15. Serge Blanco

    Any thoughts chaps.............................
  2. Really? I'd say that while he was a beast in his day, that was basically because he was a professional in a world of amateurs and basically the biggest and nastiest winger around who could still do the normal business; in other words his greatness was a product of his time rather than anything really special and I don't think that today he would be anything like as amazing: indeed when he played similar teams like the Saffers he wasn't anything spectacular, because they had big horrible quick people as well. What about Jason Robinson?
  3. also for consideration, the late great Richard Paparemborde (French prop) Stack Stevens, (English prop) and Willie John MacBride should be able to fit in anywhere, certainly in Campo's spot, just to get him on the pitch.

    Campo was never good enough for this list of immortals, and Lomu was a bit of a one-trick pony as well.
  4. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Jonathan Davies and JPR Williams must be included IMHO
  5. Gethin Jenkins may not be the greatest scrummaging prop to have graced the front-row but his speed and work-rate (for somebody who's 20 stone) in the loose are comparable to McCaw. And David Sole in his day had a similar impact.
    Gavin Hastings was unfortunate not play with a more consistent team but he was world-class. Similarly Sergio Parisse would be right up there if he played for one of the top nations.
    As an Englishman a few others I was in awe of growing up are below - but none are probably good enough to make arfuwing's XV (which by the way is a pretty good selection imo - interesting that you didn't pick any half-backs from the last 30 years does that tell a story of the way rugby has developed?):
    Rory Underwood
    Jeremy Guscott
    Dean Richards
    and Jason Leonard
  6. Willie John McBride should also be there IMHO
  7. Here is the great Bill McLaren's best XV

    BBC SPORT | RUGBY SPECIAL | Bill McLaren's World XV

    I hate to disagree with a man who had more rugby knowledge in his little finger than me but....

    ...I wouldn't pick Campese to clean the boots!
    Also think there have been better fly halves than Rob Andrew.(Barry John and Jonny Wilkinson for staters.)

    Have to agree with Mike Gibson at centre,Mervyn Davies at no.8 and Graham Price at loose head.
  8. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Townsend for one.
  9. Any professional Rugby League side.
  10. Cant agree with that! However, the best player of all time with a ball in hand IMHO (regardles of the code): Ellery Hanley!

    Some great shouts here, especially Merv Davies......................
  11. RL players were certainly fitter 20+ years ago but not now and if RL trully was better why do so many more people play and watch RU and why do so many RL players attempt to cross-over to RU?
  12. Pity the Scottish selectors could never figure that out.
  13. He was a good guitarist and the The Who were good, but he wasn't into rugby really, he was however quite a darts player by all accounts.
  14. Merv the Swerve, greatest number 8 ever...
  15. Because it's an easyer game, you get paid more and you don't have to be as fit. once you're passed your prime, RU is a good refuge. You also get to extend your career for a few years(see first point).

    Ellery Hanley was awesome. But I'm a saints fan so I only like him grudgingly
    I watched Wigan demolish Bath in the late 90's. Both were club league champions of that year. One half League and one half Union. Guess who won both halfs?
    I predict union will swallow league in the next few decades though. Thats where the money has always been. Just get rid of flankers!