Rugby Union - all gone quiet

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by canteen_cowboy, Jun 13, 2004.

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  1. me being a Jock.. and so used to losing...

    I have noticed how quiet it gets when England lose at sport, not a lot mentioned about the 36-3 drumming they got at the hands of the All Blacks yesterday! :lol:
  2. i concur!!!!!!!
    not that i take ANY joy at all!
    Promise 8O
  3. Thanx for the update of the score CC. I knew they were playing, but the powers at BFBS1 decided we didn't need to see it, or hear anything about it!

    We lost then ? Oh well, when scotland win the World Cup ( :lol: :wink: ), maybe you'll understand why it doesn't matter too much to loose a friendly! Every team has to bring out new players sometime!
  4. Still gone quiet on rugby matters did they not get a second drumming from the All Blacks at the weekend? :wink: even had players sent off!! naughty England 8O
  5. I note that no mention in this thread of the Aussies two trouncings of the porrige munchers.

    Australia 34-13 Scotland
    Australia 35-15 Scotland

    I hope the Poms whack the Aussies this weekend coming.
  6. it's okay Ex they're ignoring you now,
    pretending to be footie fans suddenly.......
    shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :wink:
  7. blessed baby cakes wrote
    "it's okay Ex they're ignoring you now,
    pretending to be footie fans suddenly......."

    is this another football comp with limited scot participation.or did you not bother to send a ref this year.
  8. Blackie! we never shoutedand gloated about being world champions! that was the "fans"on arrse, i was just pointing out how the English fans are rather quite about the scores !! :lol:
  9. what are you on about? we have never claimed Scotland to be world beaters at anything other than curling! :lol:
  10. and what a hammering they got oat the hands of Austrailia as well!!!!

    they keep up like this and Scotland might stand a chance :lol:
  11. Mock the World champions all you want!

    Your trophy cabinets stand empty, ours is full of shiney stuff, confirming we are the worlds best, so good in fact that we don't field any regulars to play the likes of the pondscum in the southern hemisphere.

    And the jocks mocking?????????????????

    A bit like Ronnie corbett ribbing Tom cruise on Wealth and Successfulness
  12. Stop living in the past :wink: you know every time England win anything, they live off that moment of glory for the next miillenium :lol:
  13. Its only been four months

    Bet you can't remember when the porridge wogs won anything other than a case of cheap scotch in the wife beating competitions

  14. ermmm yeh i can!! when they won the eerrrrr..hold on a min, no it was when they won the......ooohhhaaaahhh! yeh the curling !!! :lol: