Rugby Tours - What would you suggest?

What have you with your Units organised in terms of rugby tours abroad?

How would you suggest going about organising one and where to? 8O
Try this;

Went there a few years ago on tour with the London Irish from Sunbury - superb - and the town has an Indian restaurant.

There was an English guy in those days organising the fixtures - a great bunch of lads - but very competitive.

If you need more info PM me.
hong kong sevens mate in march. 3 days of solid getting slashed up and watching rugby...winner.
the rugby tens is played the week leading upto it and there are afew teams from the army that still continue to play. the jocks fielded a couple of teams last year. the winner with entering the tens is you get free tickets to the sevens.

to organise it as a holiday do it on the tinter web as it should cost you no more than £600 - £700.

to play in the tens you need to contact the rfu or just google h k tens
I know it's not "foreign", but Cornwall makes a good tour. The food & beer are great & you'll get some good games as well.
You could always try the RAF Akrotiri 10's. They have their own website but there are no details of next year's event yet.

The competition takes place during the half-term at the end of May. It is an international tournament for military and civilian teams. The matches are played from 5pm onwards during the week with the finals played under floodlights on the Friday evening.

Entertainment is put on every night, from fancy dress at the beach bar to a full-on party after the finals, including DJ's and live music.

You may be entitled to free flights, courtesy of the RAF or if you follow the ARU admin link below, you can offset the cost of civvy flights by using Army Lottery money. (All persons claiming need to sign up for this).

Akrotiri RFC Contacts Link

ARU Tour Admin Link

If you need any more details PM me...

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