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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by g2_rocketman, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. I trying to help a friend in a Dutch rugby club to organise an easter tour to England. They are looking for a club who will let them either sleep in their club house or pitch a big tent as most of the players are students and they want to keep costs down.

    I would reaaly appreciate any suggestions, or even better PMs from anyone who would like to host them at their club. Its also worth mentioning that they show their appreciation to their hosts in large volumes of fine dutch beer and cheese.
  2. We (Blackheath) toured Holland last year, played some team with lots of "o"s, and "z"s in the name, will try and find details for you.
  3. Ah, the second best club in the area. Never mind mate, someone has to play for em :p

    *retires to the back of O'Neils with another guiness to await incoming*
  4. I also toured to Holland a few years ago with Datchworth. It was brilliant, Loved every second (That I can remember) of it.
  5. You're not a Colfs player are you??