Rugby songs : I love my mother-in -law

I have been trying to remember the words to the song ' I love my mother-in-law'. This then gave me the idea for people to send in the words to all the great songs we all use to sing together in the various bars around the world. So get the old brain in gear and see what you can come up with. Any type of songs will do. Happy Days! Do you Remember : Has anyone seen JC, Lets have a gang bang, Solome, Lady of the Manor, Yogi Bear.

I love my mother in law. She's got an awful jaw.
She's at me day and night but I can't do anything right.
She's a-coming round today. How I wish she'd stay away.
Ain't it a pity, a blooming great pity, she ain't in the family way.

Tonight I'll grease the stairs, put tacks on all the chairs,
And I hope she breaks her blooming back 'cos I do like wearing black.
She's rough and she's randy. She's as sweet as sugar candy.
How I love her, love to smother, how I love my mother in law.

Took a trip to gay Paree. I paid ten francs to see
This great big fat Cherie tattooed from head to knee.
Right underneath her jaw was a British man of war,
And down her back was the Union Jack so I paid ten francs more

To see her lily-white bum with its tattoo of the rising sun,
And up and down her spine were the Grenadiers in line,
And right across her tummy was Al Jolson singing Mammy.
How I love her, love to smother, how I love my mother in law.
OK it's from Quins (shudder) but there's a useful list here...
I know a priest, the dirty beast, called Father Alexander,
He had a prick six inches thick, he called it 'Salamander',
One night he slept with the Gypsy Queen, her face was black as charcoal,
but in the dark he missed his mark and sparks flew out her arcehole.

A brat was born one stormy morn, his face as black as sea-coal,
He had a dick ten inches thick, but he didn't have an arcehole!

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