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Now its almost halfway through this playing season, but last Saturday I was (after I was tackled and a ruck formed) taken aside by the referee and told that squeeze ball was dangerous play and illegal this season....

Bearing in mind I play at a good adult level, is this true? I can't find it in any of those damned ELVs
Nothing to do with ELVs, has been around for at least a couple of season now but the refereeing of it seems to be inconsistent.
I've already tried this and could not find anything specific.....what I omitted to say was that before this Saturday, 60% of the time I was getting away with squeeze ball


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We had direction on it in, IIRC 2005 or 6. Squeeze ball is considered a dangerous play and like the good old Cav Charge and scrumming without touching first are a thing of the past. Nothing to do with ELV as stated but to stop the injurys. I know it is not always enforced 100%.

If you play at a good level then you probably think WTF. It is really aimed at lower level who perhaps don't have the skill or oppositon will do unusual things. Unfortunately you cant have a law for good players and another for the third XV!

Speak to the ref after - we are always happy to explain after you buy a pint for us - not on the pitch though!
being a middle/upper class tw@t is usually a good start if you want to play for engerland either that or not even english.


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The official guide:

On 8 November 2001, the International Rugby Board (IRB) issued the following Note on Interpretation of Law 15.6 (d) - the Tackled Player:

"Law 15.6(d) states: "A tackled player may release the ball by pushing it along the ground in any direction except forward, providing this is done immediately."

In recent times players having been tackled or who go to ground have done so ensuring that the ball is underneath them, they then push the ball along the ground and through their legs (a practice known as squeeze ball).

On most occasions when players attempt to push the ball along the ground under their bodies they are not making the ball available immediately and they are in contravention of Law 14.1 and Law 15.6 (d). Players who attempt the action are liable to penalty unless the ball is immediately available."

With an emphasis on "immediately", Referees have been instructed to enforce the above strictly.

In addition, because of the potential dangers and safety hazard of these techniques, the IRB has requested all Unions to introduce appropriate domestic regulations to make the action, referred to as squeezeball, illegal for all age levels from under 18 downwards.

Accordingly, the RFU Council, in accordance with RFU Rules 4.13 and 12.2, has introduced the following new RFU Regulations to take effect immediately:
I hate to be an "old fart" to use an old England captain's phrase.
Rugby has laws not rules.
Oh and ELV's were only bought in because Australia can't scrummage!, where's my slippers!
The bit where folks were getting hurt was when players went to ground making a tripod of knees and head thus shielding the ball the idea being that as they were not touching the ball they were not committing an offence.

Once the opposition started rucking or in the event of a pile up the player's neck was exposed to very serious injury hence the change in the law..
PrinceAlbert said:
I've never been penalised, or otherwise, for a squeezeball.

Nor me. Its fucking stupid outlawing bridging, as well as the use of the boot.

Still goes on at my level though :D. All the ELV's did was enforce the laws at the breakdown, not change them. Many Referee's havn't quite grasped this.


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As I got in this debate with the coach at my last match (I referee at district level) the following is my understanding.

Squeeze ball is illegal in Youth and below (U19's in Wales I think) end of conversation.

For age groups where this isn't explicit, then the usual Laws of releasing the ball and not interfering with the ball when on the floor come into play. this is up to the referee to decide on, in the last game I was quite relaxed about it as it was a very messy pitch and so I allowed a bit more time for people to sort themselves out.

The ELV's haven't affected this, the youth law changes are local and outside the ELV's and the rest has been there for years.


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