Rugby ramifications

Following the success of the England Rugby team the PM is inviting them to a reception at No 10 (where presumably he will be English for a day).

Does this mean that early next year the Government will attempt to disband half the clubs in the Rugby Union on the grounds that success must not be tolerated or is it just the Army that this happens to.
At the same time, those teams that are left will have to play tournaments in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and France, all at the same time. Naturally they will have to ensure that they still have sufficient players when called for a sudden match in Fiji to back up the US team, who can't play rugby properly, but whose coach has convinced Bliar that it will increase his reputation.

Once the teams start doing well, Bliar will appoint a minister, carefully chosen for his total lack of knowledge of rugby, and put him in charge.
If I was on the rugby team I'd tell him to poke his reception up his arrse! If he couldn't be bothered to come and watch us play and because he recalled the Cabinet minister he had sent, I don't see why I should let him bathe in the reflected glory of my acheivement. Even if it is the only thing he can do well!!!

As for the disbandment of certain Highland regiments, well the Black Watch have been on shaky ground ever since the Queen Mum died; she was the only reason they hadn't been disbanded/amalgamated already. And being sacked from the Armd Inf role hardly does your cause much good does it? Don't worry though, I'm sure there are plenty of MSPs who'll ensure that they live on north of the border!

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