Rugby Radio Masts being demolished

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wija, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. Today marks an end of an era...

    The Radio masts at Rugby Radio Station that sent out the Atomic clock for decades (only stopped on the 1st of June) will be coming down today at 15:00

    It was an "A category" target during the Cold War.

    Being just 1/2 a mile away I am looking forward to some mindless demolition!!!

    Linkity Thingy for a look at what it was!!
  2. For many years their main purpose was maintaining the 24/7 submarine broadcast for the RN
  3. I always thought they were for the LF Broadcast as well
  4. Quite possibly but the size I always understood was driven by the VLF needs, we rarely listened to the LF but the VLF was very very important.
  5. You're right Maxi
  6. Wathced them go down - and got some video footage on mobile - will try to post it on here via Youtube later.... Might be poor quality though...

    Fook me I am a sad fooking barsteward - Hat, Coat - Gone!
  7. I've got a clock that gets updated by the atomic clock at rugby. Or did do. Is their a replacement, or is that the end of it?!
  8. It's not been transmitted from Rugby for quite some's been sent from Cumbria since April this year. The clock itself is still in Teddington.
  9. This explains why my clock isn't receiving the time signal anymore!

  10. All atomic clocks should still work - the transmitter moved to Cumbria in April (thought it was June earlier) and it is still working so if your clock doesn't work take it back as the TX is still ongoing..
  11. That's some bloody dipole. Wouldn't fancy dropping that at 0001 hrs when the frequency changes!

  12. Same thing happened to me. I just had to fit a small antenna to the roof of my house as shown below. An added advantage is that I get excellent Sky TV reception.

  13. I saw some footage/photos of some of these (or nearby) being dropped last year. They did it at twilight which I think was to reduce visual distraction to traffic, and obviously they cut a fair swathe through whatever they landed on or across.
    Blowing things up Rocks!
  14. I see you keep bees as well :D
  15. I think those white boxes are weather stations.........