Rugby question from the States

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Virgil, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. I've been a member of and watched several rugby union and league games (as well as Australian Rules Football, but that's another forum).

    Enjoy watching them very much.

    Having played & knowing American football I tend to favor or at least identify a bit more w/union and its set pieces and all, but I'll watch a good league game as well.

    Which is more popular there? Is the class distinction still in place in the UK between the sports? And which do you prefer?

    Lastly, is it true it is impossible to actually enjoy both, and, liking one or the other highlights defects or strengths of character or whether your mother walked on two or four legs?

    Or is that just on the internet? :p
  2. There is a percieved, but diminishing since professionalism, class divide in the English (Except the West Country) and Scottish Union games. In Wales its very much a working man's sport (We aint got any posh people). Rugby League is more popular in the North of England, and despite there being teams in Wales it is not forgiven for poaching some of our best Union players During the 70s and 80s. (This was due to the fact that Union was an amatuer sport at the time and League were offering good wages to Players.)

    A lot of people enjoy both, Union Is more Technical and League is more exhausting, there are a lot of arguements about which one is Harder, but that depends on which position you play. I'll stck my neck out and say that for forwards Union is the tougher game and for back its League. (I know I'll be recieving incoming for that)

    All in all I have played both and although I prefer Union (Suprise Suprise) they are both Great sports. Unless you are English, then Union can be a bit Dull to watch as they dont score many tries. (Now I'm Deffo going to get some irate PMs form Lord Ponsomby Smythe of Tumbrige Wells)

    Watch the Current 6 nations Champs Play and you will see Rugby thats great to Watch (Shane Williams is never dull)
  3. Its not so much a class devide as a geographical one. League is massive in the North, while Union is bigger in the South. There are still decent clubs for both all over the country but this is largly the rule.

    I have played both as well, but being a northen monkey I prefer League, and never go ton with union that much. I will watch, and enjoy both sports however. It can be best done by thinking of them as two different sports as opposed to one game with two different sets of rules. There is more and more shift between the codes these days wit hplayers swapping about more now that union is professional.

    There was a couple of games back in the '95 when a league team and a union team (Wigan and Wasps I think), played one game of each. The union boys were totaly knackered after the league game due to the high pace, and the league boys were beaten black and blue in the union game due to the more physical nature of the game. It was interesting to watch though and they should do it again.

    As for Aussie rules, its like Icehocky with more physical violence. Nutters.
  4. There was a bit of a class divide or, more correctly, an educational divide but this has diminished since the rules were changed some years back.

    Grammar schools (where eligibility depended on passing an exam at age 11 or 13) and Public (translates as Private, for some reason) schools tended to play Union, while Comprehensive schools tended to play League (when they weren't playing soccer).

    My two penn'orth (that's about 3 cents to you) is that Union was the better game to play, but League is better to watch (having less or shorter breaks in play).
  5. What's the point of the scrum in union?

    To make possession difficult for the other team?

    And/or can the opposing team (the one whose man does not feed the ball in) actually get possession with their feet if they push hard enough?

    On the line-outs what are the left-right limits that the team possessing the ball can throw? In other words they can't throw the ball to the left of the shoulders of their own players facing them in line can they, or to put it another way the opposing team should have a shot at getting it?

    (Hopefully the questions makes sense.)
  6. The scrum is just another way of restarting the game after a minor foul that supposedly gives a fairly equal chance of either team winning it, although probably the majority of the time the team that puts the ball in will win. Certainly both teams are allowed to win it.

    The ball must be thrown straight down the middle between the two sets of players without the team throwing the ball getting an advantage that way. The advantage the throwing team does have is they get to choose the number of players in the line out and how short or long the ball is thrown.
  7. Rugby is a mans game, to like that so called 'football' our ex colonial cousins play. Rugby players do not wear the poofy padding the like the american 'football' players use.

  8. I'm lucky in that I live practically beside the stadium of a very big team and have about 10 of their players as my neighbours and am only about 25 minutes from a Super League team as well so I'm spoilt for choice really!

    They're both enjoyable to watch and although I'm more into Union, I have played League in the past for my unit and enjoyed it immensely but found it just as knackering as union 7's.

    Bobath, it was Bath versus Wigan in the Jack Rowell era-both games were bloody good to watch as a teenager!

    I'm not so sure about the adaption of the new ELV's in the game-I suppose only time will tell.

    I still stand by my assertion that all backs are gay though and football is for poofs. ;)
  9. Bath - Wigan. Thats the one. A couple of interesting games, but I only remember the first half of each as I was pished by the second half both times.
  10. Thanks for the thoughtful answers, they've helped.
  11. What is the general consensus on the ELV thingys around here?

    And perhaps a simple explanation on how exactly they change the sport?

    Don't seem a big deal, then again I'm fairly new to this very entertaining sport.
  12. To clarify - Rugby is for fat blokes who cannot play Soccer.... Waits for incoming....
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    And football is for fags, prima donnas and those prefering to practise their acting skills......

    And back to you..... :D