Rugby players wearing a poppy

Just watching the Wales v Australia game and was really pleased to notice a few wearing a poppy on their tracksuits.

Good on you fellas, then theres Kathryn Jenkins singing :D and to top it off hopefully, a Wales win.
I'm probably less excited than you about Katherine Jenkins :D but I'm watching the same game with Dad and made the same comment about the poppies - well done lads!
England Vs NZ 5th Nov!!!!!!!!!!

now thats gonna be a game!!
Yeah UK Vee Kiwis, going ta cost me a pint Again.
Fall for it every time, mind you if ya'd been in my Local when England won the World Cup, sum really pizzed of POHMs and other colonial speices.
PotYos said:
DrStealth said:
England Vs NZ 5th Nov!!!!!!!!!!

now thats gonna be a game!!
"Game" implies some form of competition. I predict a cricket score.
Two horse race? You never know...
All of the England squad will be wearing Poppies on their suits and training gear.
Now is the time to get behind them in true bulldog spirit.

In the words of Henry V :

"Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’ "

Come on England !!!!

Swing low.....Sweet chariot.........
More than can be said of the 'selected' audience on BBC Question Time the other night! :evil:

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