Rugby Match

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Lepus, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Ok Chaps, im noticing the prevalence of players of the beautiful game on ARRSE, and I was thinking, would anybody be up for having a charity Rugby Match, with the obligatory p!ss-up after?

    We could have the game, get some media coverage even, and time it for the weekend before Rememberance Sunday. Im pretty sure I could get a pitch in Bristol over this weekend. If not, and anyone knows of one going elsewhere, ideas are welcome.

    A good turn for Combat Stress and/or the Legion, with a p!ss up and a chance to meat and beat fellow ARRSERS on the same day.

    Can't be bad.

    Any feedback?

  2. Are you talking old and bold or all-comers? Would it be open to non-ARRSERs (or ringers if you like)? And if you don't mind my hijacking your quality idea of a XVs game, why not do it just before the Army Navy game against a Rum and Ration team? Or are there enough matelots on this site? 8O

    Or why not a 7s comp? More teams can turn up, its an all dayer (the playing not the drinking, no wait what am I saying) and you can have male/female youth/vet. Or is there a danger that The Royal Scots Fijian Borders turn up and walk away with it? Or do we care if it raises hods of cash. :D
  3. ARRSE vs Rum Ration sounds like a quality idea mate.
  4. I can supply a pitch and a club-house in Bath. If Rab can deliver two teams then we have business. We could also have an auction post-match or a raffle and get Arrse sponsors and Arrsers to offer prizes. We could raise many ducats for the RBL...
  5. Cracking one Cuddles, that would be great.

    2 Teams shouldn't be hard to raise, are there any Rum Ration representatives on here that could liase?
  6. Cuddles...have you checked your PM's?
  7. Top idea Rab, hats off mate.

    Edit - If the Arrse side needs a 5'10", weedy 18 year old, to be snapped in half by the navy, I'm ya man :D
  8. Log onto Rum Ration & contact some of the Mods or make a similar post over there?

    Anya1982/Rincewind may help. Bernoulli is also Navy but he'd rather scrum up with you in another way. :D
  9. Sounds like an excellent idea....even the bit about actually having a game.I think most will just do what happens at the army/navy and just drink to oblivion.

    Still an excellent idea though!

    Count me in for attendance
  10. Any civvy cnuts (police) allowed in on this
  11. Cait, as you've pulled the rugby club train on numerous occasions for numerous teams,(including the wizened little bloke with the polio arm who carries the water bottles) I am sure you are in a far stronger position to connect with any members of the rugby playing community than I am.. :D
  12. Im a civvy cnut myself mate!!
  13. I'll play!!! I am a hooker type.

    Will help in anyway I can, though I am based oop north... pm me if you have any ideas!
  14. I know you have but......think insurance for serving chaps and civys. Am i being boring?
  15. I have thought of this, and if we speak to the RFU, then hopefully RFU insurance should cover it. Is there anyone more informed that could settle this?

    Its definitely something that needs to be considered though.