Rugby League?

I support my local football team and always watch England Rugby Union when on TV but ........

I went to see Leeds Rhinos beat Melbourne Storm to become World Club Champions last Friday. I was so surprised at the difference in the main 3 UK football sports, including

Lack of violence (off the pitch)
Fun element (e.g. the drummers etc)
Expectation to be able to drink beer in your seat
Playing a EU team (French) in a league match is not odd
Its for everyone not just toffs

I wish I'd been a kid under Yorkshire liarbour and not under Lesbian (the future new) liarbour and been allowed to play league (union was banned in Derbyshire due to injuries or class issues).
Being a proud Northerner I've always been trying to put across the game of League to the unbelieving Southerners. Growing up in a League town and having a pretty amazing team was certainly some experience.
Good effort by the League lads. Reaching the 3rd of the Challenge Cup is a fantastic achievement and shows how far rugby league in the Army has come along since its foundation in the early 90's. As a lad brought up in a hotbed of league, it is great to see, so well done to everyone involved!

Putting my own spin on the league question, it is the best game in the world!
Agree Geordie 100%, I joined the Army played RL for Saints Jnr team, at the time Liverpool St Helens were very good RU team, I was asked where I had played and said St Helens, one thing led to another and I had a coupel of games at a good level. However my teacher at school ex-Challenge Cup winner with Saints had drummed in top me from being a kid, NEVER LET GO OFF THE BALL, needless to say I was giving away penalties.

Ref stopped a game asked where I had played-St Helens Sir, says I, I take it that'll be the Knowsley Road St Helens not Liverpool St Helen's says he. Yip says I, Coaches to me says Ref-might i suggest a substitution is in order for the sake of sporting chances for this fools team. Funny a few people have suggested I am a fool on a number of times since, but no so eloquently!

IF any knows Mr Wilson please ask him to PM me, ref job offer! No Duff/No Play
Also agree, and league isn't just for the Northeners, as a Southern born lad, moving to Halifax when I was 9, League was a staple diet, went on to play for both my local club, and later when at Leconfield, played for Beverley, at the insistance of my PTI!

Happy days, but still carrying the scars from the derby games, Illingworth, I owe you some payback............

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