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Chaps, is anyone involved in rugby league in the forces? has it improved ? standards? i noticed at start of super league season that an army team was involved in cup competition, got slightly mullered but was to be expected really. are they getting outside sponsorship??
Our unit is currently playing in the Army rugby league tournament. From what i've seen it is fairly well organised , unfortunately you do get your mis matches with teams and one gets steam rolled. I am only a player though so can't speak on behalf of the management side of how well it all works.
I watched the REME v RA game today. 40 or so lads putting their hearts andbodies on the line in what surprisingly turned out to be a lovely day. Nothing wrong with that you say and as a former Corps player neither would I but along with those guys there was a man in the middle doing his best to referee the game. Unfortunately the ARL or whatever they call themselves had decided to throw a man into a Corps standard game for his FIRST EVER MATCH. He did his best and if you read this, Sir, please don't think that its a dig but he was vastly inexperienced and pitched in
way above his level.
To me, both the teams and the referee were let down by terrible management from above & when I found out that today was also Lawson Cup Final day then I felt more annoyed. How can a tournament decider be played on a day when there are pool matches still taking place? Yes, I know that the RAC and RE were the top two teams in their pools but what if they weren't? It just seems to be run by the seat of the associations pants.
I believe that if this sport is allowed to continue running in such a way then it will die which would be a travesty.

RL embodies military ethos, commitment, fitness, team play and courage to name but a few qualities. I know it's always going to be a poor relation to Union but it could be so much better.
Sparky, totally in agreement there. The poor relation is exactly that in the mobs eyes. I spent a long time in early 90's trying to get League at regimental level and fell flat on its arrse . as for refs well i was at the Salford - warrington match on sunday and im not making excuses as salford were dire to say the least and we deserved to be rammed but the standard of reffing by that man Silverwood, maybe he should be running school games!

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