Rugby League World Cup Tickets

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by GeordieSaint, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. All,

    There is a offer to all military personnel for tickets to the RL World Cup in Oct/Nov this year. All tickets are 50% off. This includes the Opening Ceremony at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff on 26 Oct 13 (Eng vs Aus and Wal vs Ita) and the semi-finals (double header) at Wembley on 23 Nov 13.

    Link is Rugby League World Cup 2013.

    There is a promotional code (50% off) for civilians too: 100days

    Really looking forward to it!
  2. I'll be at a few games. Can't wait see some rugby again!
  3. Me too! Taking two big groups to Wembley for the semis and a fair few to Cardiff too. I managed to get Club Wembley tickets for £20 each and Upper East Stand on the halfway line at Cardiff for £25. Mega great value! Going to a few more as well.

    Which games are you going?
  4. Be going to Langtree park, rochdale and wembley.

    Can't wait. Be good get back behind the sticks at saints considering I paid for a season ticket this season and hardly used it. Summer tours = no rugby
  5. I'll be going to the game at Langtree. I've got tickets for all the England games and a few other games as well; trying to get to as many as I can. Taking plenty of people with me as well so can't wait!