Rugby League Tri Nations

Did anyone else see this at the weekend?

Good result for GB, and should set them up for a place in the final - even the NZ coach is saying his boys haven't got much hope :D

This, however, really grips my shi-t

Willie Mason ban

One game? ONE FECKING GAME? He knocked him spark out.

I did chuckle at this bit though
he was acting in self defence by flooring his opposite number with one of the best punches the international game has seen for some time
Was'nt to happy what he did to Sean Long either.....big ugly bastard

Would liked to have seen Big Jim Mills out on the pitch....from a few years back
If it had been Adrian Morley dropping one of the Aussies it would have been a different matter all together. He would have been sent off without a shadow of a doubt, Mason got off lightly I reckon.

Having said that it made a good game even more entertaining to watch, I expected there to be fireworks once Morley came on but he was being a good boy for once!
DodgerH said:
Was'nt to happy what he did to Sean Long either.....big ugly fatherless
I thought he'd been cited (or whatever they call it) for this?

Don't get me wrong, i'm have no problem with the odd shoeing being handed out in either code, after all they ain't playing draughts, but having deliberately raised his elbow into SL's mush he should have received no less than a binning followed by citing commission

Oh, and re Big Jim Mills, I have to admit to not knowing who you're on about :oops: Am new to the version of the game.
Can anyone recall what Morley got? I'm pretty sure it was more than one game. Mason is a cnut. His hit on Sean Long was arguably worse and didn't even get a mention. Aussie pr1cks. I used to watch the Bronco's when I was on Long Look and met them in the Vic in Brizzy. Wendell "the junkie" Sailor is a bl00dy big fella mind and the Navy lad who saw him and said he was going to call him a n*gger changed his mind sharpish when he got there and was giving it the old Waynes World "Not worthy" - sharp move from the Matelot
the_guru said:
Aussie pr1cks.
Don't be a dill mate .... most of us thought Mason's actions were idiotic and out of place. Just because Mason plays for Australia doesn't make the rest of us (or him for that matter) pr1cks.

BTW didn't Morley beat both charges he was facing?


I love to the Poms beat the Aussie at anything, when the camera pans the Aussie crowd at the end- they are really pi$$ed off!

Bring on the World Tiddlywink Comp!

(Not sure we will be so smug after the Ashes though!)

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