Rugby League Thread

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Delta-Dog, Dec 10, 2010.

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  1. Any League fans out there? Super League or the lower leagues?
  2. you will have to print pictures not many rugby league fans can read!
  3. Haha very good.
  4. Didn't realise there were any that could write either!!!!
  5. Rhinoooooooooooo's !
  6. League is for soft northern monkeys who lack the brain capacity for tactics.
  7. Good shout!
  8. I'm more in love with you now, than I have ever been.

    However, RABBITOHS!!
  9. Quins RL 3 x season tickets!!!
  10. Save your money smithy.
  11. Looks like Widnes will get the licence for Super League next season.
  12. I must admit that on a friday evening, i enjoy popping to my local where i can indulge in watching Super league on their Sky sports televisual system.
    I do not agree with the Americanisation of the sport though, so my local team is simply Wigan!
  13. Not before time they were well and truly stitched up not getting into Super League 1

    I blame Morris Lyndsey dodgy owd puff (allegedly)
  14. No me either new fangled sobriquets that's why I'm a Rochdale Hornets supporter :)
  15. I live darn sarf so have to put up with all the union comments ala "Princealbert" !They dont like it down here !