Rugby League Referees Course - Aldershot - Feb 22-23

There will be a Rugby League match officials course at Aldershot 22-23 February, cost is nil to those attending.

The Course is open to all and all that is required is a sense of humour.

Anyone wishing to attend PM me, giving contact details.
I did this course last year. Anyone with an intrest of Rugby League then this course is for you. If you are able to take Wednesday afternoons off to go and officiate a Rugby league match anywhere in the country. There is also a good chance to get in and offiliated to a civilian Rugby league Referees society and go do some civvy Rugby as well with a good chance of getting paid wonga as well with expenses ! I was lucky enough to get to a bit of officiating at the Army v Navy finals in Portsmouth last September and was a Touch Judge for the Army v Navy Ladies (fantastic match) and a fourth official for the Army v Navy Acadamy (another fantastic match) and the final was officiated by Thierry Alibert from the Super League, and as Northern says the course is free !
Final call for anyone who fancies giving it a go.

A free course which gets you not only into military but into Civvy refereeing (qualifies you for both) with a third day where you can meet the society members and get continuation training.

Plus if you are going to be a match official you'll get your kits after the course.

Might be useful to Rugby Union referees who fancy keeping fit out of season by officiating the other code.

Anyone interested, drop me a PM and we can square you away with a place.


Couldn't get the time off to come back for this, only 2 of us in work that week...gutted. Will keep my eye out for the next one, hopefully be back in the UK by then. Need something to do whilst the Union Season is on holiday.

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