Rugby League Converts

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Achilles, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. Rugby League Converts to rugby union are they a good thing or a bad thing ?
    Personally it doesnt bother me as i am a RUGBY LEAGUE man through and through also the players who have left have either been just above average or past greats bar a few (sailor, roger).

    So what do you fine gentleman think ?
  2. Union man myself. Like you, anyone converting to one or the other don't bother me. Cracking final this evening between Saints & Hull. Don't usually watch league but I was glued to the box for that.
  3. Jason robinson is a convert.

    Again I'm a Union fellow, and don't give 2 fucks if someone comes from the dark side, as long as the game stays high quality.

    C_C (who played his first senior game last week, scored his debut try and played for the 1st team today :) )
  4. League man all the way here. It's the guys who bounce back and forth that get me, a la Henry Paul! Surely they prefer a set style of rugby, or is it the money!! Dunno personally, must be the cash.

    The grand final was a good game though, saints were the league leaders all season, no doubt they were gonna do the triple. No mean praise from a Wigan fan. Best team all round, man of steel for Wellens and man o the match in grand final says it all.

    Just hope we have our switched on heads on for the tri nations.............................or am i being to optomistic!!
  5. Andy Farrell.....what the fuck is he?

    A forward? A back? A cunt?

    It appears that he has been picked in the England team due to the amount of money and publicity that has been shelled out on him. Playing winger in league and Union are not that different, but the requirements on Forwards in Union is so different to league that they can't really ever transfer. What would Farrells role be in the England Squad?

    Is he ever likely to dislodge the like of Lewis Moody, Joe Worsley or even Dallaglio/Corry from a flanking position (Yes I know they're both Number 8's but I reckon having one of them at Blindside and the other at 8 would be immense). Robinson, as said already, didn't really change roles that much.

    1) Catch ball
    2) Run
    3) Dive over line

    Whereas there is so much to learn with regards to scrummaging in union, that it takes players decades to perfect its dark arts.

    In short, Farrell is taking up someone elses England shirt. The sort of players that its OK for them to change codes are the ones like the monster that has just signed for Gloucester, bit of a Lomu look-a-like.

    I'm a Union man by the way!

  6. The question league v rugby is a naff one. At one level we like what we prefer...I find union gripping, league a bit one-dimensional to watch though I have enjoyed playing it(see Praetorian's description of Jason robinson's job!).

    The real question is "Is Andy Farrell an international/premiership class rugby player". I suspect that he will never have enough time to prove it but whoever it was that drew up a flow-chart which showed England's path to reclaiming the RWC could have as easily replaced the box "Sign Farrell to Union" with "Then a miracle happens" for the same nett effect.
  7. I used to stick to the old convention that if you want to play Rugby, it should be Union. If you want to watch, it's League.
  8. Personally I'm a Union man. However I think if you are going to change codes you only do it once.
  9. League man myslef as well and I also hope we get it sorted for Tri-Nations and it will be rough if staurdays game is anything to go by.
    On the converts i agree mostly that backs mostly are suitable but foward rarely unless your a beast like Stuart Fielden or Sonny Bill William
  10. Who the fcuk are you to call Andy Farrell a cnut? You fcuking snob. You'll be wanting to kiss his arrse when he shines in an England shirt, as he surely will.
  11. Another thing on Farell....he said he was changing codes to win trophies, if you're going to do that you DONT sign for Saracens!!
  12. Guru, if he does shine in an England shirt it had better not be against Scotland or i'll be the first to call him one!
  13. Irrespective of one's views on the poor bastad, he's nowhere near 'shining' at the moment:
    (today's Guardian)

    I actually think, and those in the know tell me, that he's a pretty decent guy - but I think a cross-over to a new code, into the most technical area of that code, with an expectation that he's going to be at international standard, is an unreasonable demand, with the current timescales. He's been badly handled, like so much of the rest of the current England set-up. He needs about 2 seasons to be left to find his feet, and he ain't gonna get it. A chance, given his amazing athleticism, that he could do it as a centre - but as a forward, it's la-la land....
  14. Hmm we had a similar situation in Wales not so long ago when Iestyn Harris came down - the first £1 million pound union player IIRC.

    For a number of reasons he had played more games for Wales that for his club at one point (a fair way into the season) despite coping fairly well with the change to union he never seemed to really get into it.

    Stuck around for a bit, then it was back oop north.

    Incidently it still goes the other way. Jonah Lomu is on the verge of signing for a Leage team I understand. How he is going to cope with that pace im not sure?
  15. Lots of debate about it in Aus/NZ - it's a Gold Coast team, and the consensus is that it's a promotional move by that team, after he acknowledged that an All Black slot was out of reach...