rugby - last weekend of Nov.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by codbutt, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Right guys, line up your predictions for this weekend.

    Here's mine....

    Wales 22 NZ 30

    England 17 SA 28

    France 15 Augs 32

    Ireland 25 Argentina 22

  2. These matches aren't on the last weekend in November, but here's my predictions anyway:

    Wales 17 NZ 13

    England 12 SA 30

    France 18 Aus 21

    Ireland 14 Arg 21

    Scotland.....(well, who cares about Scotland anyway!)

    I fancy Wales to spring an upset but how much should I put on it?
  3. I strongly suspect it will be a clean sweep for the southern hemisphere sides. Of course Scotland will redeem some European pride with a 17-16 win over the Canadians. :D
  4. Wales 10 NZ 28
    Eng 12 SA 24
    Fra 18 Aus 18
    Ire 18 Arg 21
    Sco 32 Can 14
  5. Wales 6 - 26 NZ

    Eng 14 - 10 SA

    Fra 12 - 24 Aus

    Ire 21 - 14 - Arg

    Sco 28 - 20 - Can
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  7. I can't work out the Wales v NZ game. Obviously Wales are a bunch of complete gayers, but NZ's last game was f*cking sloppy and a general poor show.
  8. I don't wish to be critical of St. Johno....but why the fcuk is he picking so many Wasps players?
    I thought he said he was going to pick "on form, not reputation".
    England need a kick up the arrse and stop making so many errors. Plus the penalty count was too high (again!). Plus Danny boy gave away another try(again). Plus we can't score trys (again). Plus we keep kicking the ball away (again).....

    ....and breathe.

    ...oh and Wales lost as well.
  9. Cipriani is not up to standard ( at least at the moment ) He should get his head down, keep out of clubs and stop being a flash harry. Jonny is still the best fly half that England has. Not too sure that Flutey is up to scratch. Noon is hard as nails but lacks flair. Is Tait injured?

    Today was shocking. Too many errors, too much indiscipline

    The only plus is that England are at the start of a rebuild under new management. Johnson has got a decent crew around him, and will get there.

    Not this year though.
  10. Seconded. :roll:
  11. I notice the Welsh die hard are keeping quiet. :D

    Was a bloody good game to start off with though I thought, good rugby. Shame NZ's scrum half (first one on, forget his name) is a retard really. Soon as he was changed, the game upped its pace and intensity. Second half was crap for Wales, but can't say they did badly in the first half.
  12. I was at the Wales match, why two different Wales teams had to turn up for each half I do not know, however the ref should not have allowed play to continue when Wales had 2 players down injured and the poor Pysio getting hit on the head with the ball didn't count as it interfering with play. Still bloody good piss up!! Hopefully have more luck against Austrailia next weekend ( tickets for that one arriving monday!)

  13. I take it you're English? If so compare and contrast the Wales v SA and England v SA results.

    England 6 SA 42. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    So who are the complete gayers?

    My money is on Wales beating Australia next week, and the All Blacks racking up the half century against Johnsons bunch of stiffs.
  14. It's shocking that Scotland gave the Saffers a closer game than England.

    That having been said, I suspect we're still sh!t and will be getting royally humped (again) come the Six Nations :(
  15. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    To prove how bad the England game actually struggled to get onto page 5 of the Times sports section....

    I wasn't impressed with the reffing of the Welsh match, okay i'm biaised but....deliberate feeding in the scrum which was penalised twice, but continued...should have been a yellow card.

    The game should have been stopped when Welsh injury/physio became involved in the game...the second injury didn't help but wasn't in the way.

    Richy McCaw should have been pinged a few times for offside and handling, he's very good but pushed the rules way too far.

    But then again that's what you get by using a Southern hemisphere ref.