Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by ROS, Oct 25, 2005.

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  1. ROS

    ROS Clanker

    We have just kitted out the Army Air Corps, The Gunners, The Dukes, 7 Para, 21 Signals and 12 Bde (10's)

    We offer a unique service where you will be kitted out in drill tops, tracksuits, t-shirts, polos and then you go back to your regiment and advertise it. you then collate the regitmental order and get your kit for free.

    We aslo offer great discounts on team strips.

    More pictures to follow but for now visit -

    Team Gear Ltd
  2. Why?

    Why should we spend our hard fought money on your firm? What sort of discounts would you give units? Samuria kit is overly expensive as it is, what would be the incentive.

    I hope you will be selling kit cheaper than those Army Navy polo shirts the other year.

    Looking at buying lots of kit - playing strip, polo shirts to match palying shirt, formal shirts, training jackets etc what can you do for us?
  3. ROS

    ROS Clanker


    Sorry if you didn't understand try reading the website.

    Team Gear Ltd

    We kit out teams with Kooga, Samurai and Kukri. You'll get about a 10% discount.
  4. The scottish division tiddliwinks team need new brown corduroy trousers and knitted V-neck tanktops (featuring the crucified moose on the breast). It would be nice if we could have them before the inter-regimental bar skittles/billiards tournament to be held at the CAMRA yule fest next tuesday. There are three of us. The current amount we have in the kitty is £3.67 and half a packet of chocolate coated peanuts although if this is not enough I am prepared to throw in Babylairdx.

    If your quote is competetive the business is yours.
  5. ROS

    ROS Clanker

    I see you have many posts under your kilt. I can only hope they are are not all like this last one as i heard a rumour this site is full of it!!

    However, if you would like some polo shirts then send me your image you would like on them and i'll see what i acan do. Next Tuesday, no problem.
  6. You are far too interested in what's under my kilt. Tell me, what other 'special services' have you performed for the Dukes, 7 Para, RHA et al?
  7. ROS

    ROS Clanker

    I see you also have truble reading..... I thought the DZ could have given it away.... Yourself and infanteer too... Let me give you a quick leason. RED, GREEN, BLUE 1,2 and 3 Para. That's Infantry, your lot i believe. Red Over Blue.... Gunners..... that's me.....

    I service many regiments (but not 2 Para as you have miss read) and have only been serviced by the reg......

    Still if you are still looking for those polo shirts.... i'm sure i could sort it out for you?

    Since writing this Lairdx has edited his last to read 7 and not 2 !!!!
  8. yes well I'm just thick me. However I did edit the post upon realising the mistake. Thankyou for pointing this out. However for being cheeky (aswell as sucking knobs,) you have lost the opportunity to kit out the tiddlywink team. We are a rather homophobic lot you see. Toodle pips.
  9. ROS,

    might be worth sending a private message to Dale_the_snail. Apparently there is a problem with the t-shirts which were supposed to be ordered for the xmas crawl on 3rd Dec. Might be a fortuitous occurrence, but why not send one anyway?

    I'll warn off the slug and point your way...

  10. ROS

    Not trying to be funny, but lots of people want to take my money. 10% is about the avarage discount, but one lot are offering 12% + no VAT as we are in sunny Germany. Have dealt with them before but they are not always reliable enough for my liking.
    What about tax free for BFG?
  11. ROS
    Waited a week for a reply. Now going to someone else for the kit, even if it means paying more.

    Thanks anyway.
  12. ROS

    ROS Clanker


    I replied a day after you left the message!
  13. Hmm, remind me to put this in my "how not to advertise effectivly" book.
  14. ROS

    ROS Clanker

    Tell me about it. I understand how the system works, i not saving anyone money, i am just getting you more kit for the money you have.

    I am here to help, You have a budget that needs spending before a date, i can help you with that. I even have a few regiments in credit !!!

    No one can offer what we offer. you want something, call me or send a email

    Team Gear Ltd