Rugby journalists

The dear lord knows there are many rugby correspondents in the owrld and most are middle of the road. Largely unobjectionable.

Some on the other hand are quite superlative, such as Steven Jones or Paul Ackford. There is no need to have played at the highest levels to be a good judge of a rugby match - Eddy Butler proves that for sure. Similarly the most opionated correspondents are not necessarily who you want to hear the opinions off - Brian Moore can often be found in this group writing and always in this group commentating.

A few however are truly sh1te and I am now going to name and shame. This afternoon I was looking at the description of the quins Bath match on Saturday in my wife's Daily comic...erm...Mail. I watched the game, for most of the second half on the edge of my seat. It wasn't a classic but like last week's Bath vLeicester game it was good VFM. If you understand the principles of rugby, can admire strong "D" and appreciate the use of a ascrum as an attacking weapon and as a device of attrition. Good line-outs too.

So apparently I watched a dull affair which consisted merely of two tries. Moreover those at the ground were tuned to "Strictly" in their boxes and left unimpressed. Well that isn't what my former clubmates at the Stoop were saying when the ecstatic fazes came in at 81 minutes. Nor indeed at half time. Moreover the Bath fans I spoke to in the local on sunday admitted it had been a thrilling encounter full of thud and blunder but it had still kept them engaged throughout.

So step up Chris Foy - if you're a rugby correspondent, then I am Adolf Hitler's love child!
You can add Stuart Barnes to your bad list.

When I was a kid I used to go to the Internationals at Twickenham. During the game we'd listen to the radio commentaries and try to work out what game they were watching, it never seemed to be the one we were watching even down to the game where the French referee broke his leg after coming between closing front rows, the commentator was talking about mass confusion but that the ref was taking control!

Edited to add: Cliff Morgan! Didn't matter which nations were playing (in those days they didn't comment on their own Nation) he always brought it back to Wales.
Cuddles said:
Moreover those at the ground were tuned to "Strictly" in their boxes and left unimpressed.
Makes a change from the Hairyqueens supporters parading up & down in front of the stand trying to be noticed.

Besides, I thought at Quins it was more "Hammer House of Horror" than "Strictly" ;)

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