Rugby injury

I played a game of rugby last night and i seem to have picked up an injury. i play as a hooker in the forwards, and after a scrum i felt a really uncomfortable pain at the top of my back (below the neck, in line with shoulder blades) anyway although im not expecting a diagnosis, i am interested to know if this is a common injury amongst forwards and if it sounds like a pulled muscle or something worse?

p.s This has happened twice before and went away after a few days rest, but the last thing i need is a back problem in years to come. any opinions/input would be appreciated.
Playing hooker is the most physically demanding position in the pack. I've played the position for the past 18 years, and it's like a just can't stop doing it. The pains around your neck sound like compression problems, which are common. To prevent this, you need to build up the muscles in the area (it's common to see hookers with a 'bulge/lump' at the back of the neck), and also work on your 'core' fitness.
Start panicking when the pains are in the lower back, which could result in trapped nerves. protruding discs, spinal column problems.
Do not attempt any further training or matches when you still have these pains though, it could progress.
I'm with Wiraman, in that whilst shoulder / upper back pain is par for the course and building up strength in that area should help the back is a very complicated thing and shouldn't be fecked about with.

If you are worried / it keeps recurring you should get it checked out by a sports physio / chiropractor who can advise you on training and management.
As Wiraman said these injuries are common and are usually muscle compression. I was a tight-head for 20 odd years, but had to give up after constant neck problems.

One of the best ways of preventing this (and yes it does sound a bit girly) is to take a long bath the next morning, as hot as you can, for at least an hour. The muscles relax after tensing up overnight.

Try back stretching as well. I measured myself (hight -before anyone says otherwise!!) post match once and was 1" shorter due to back compression!

Welcome to the Front Row club - we'll be the ones in the corner communicating in grunts!
cheers for the input, i find playing rugby thoroughly enjoyable and if i cant play due to a recurring neck/back problem its gonna be a real annoyance

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