Rugby in the TA

Hey, does the T.A take rugby as serious as the Regs because i play rugby for my local side and was hoping to play serious rugby in the T.A

I'm transferring to 3 Royal Welsh so hopefully they play a bit of rugby.
As of this season all TA are allowed to represent their 'Corps' side, and above, however the CO has to agree to the MTDs as players are required to be on duty. TA Unit rugby will always be challenging due to players probably playing for their clubs at the weekend. This is an area that needs to be integrated into Army rugby - I know some are looking into bringing players in for unit games from affiliated units but only for friendlies at present and MTDs again will be an issue. It will take time and commitment from both sides of the coin.

Find your Corps Secretary's details via the ARU website if you are interested or PM me as I have the 2008/09 ARU handbook with details for each capbadge although a new one will be out in July.

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