Rugby in the Army

Evening all.

Not sure if the subject has been approached before, if so apologies.

My no. 1 option (Officer entry) is the Int. Corps, and being such a small corps I can’t imagine they have a squad. I could be wrong but I haven’t found anything online to suggest otherwise. If that is the case, is it time to pick another sport, or is there still an opportunity to play within the Army/don the hallowed red shirt?
They'll be a team or a squad where you are or near to where you tip up. Most Corps have a team - seeing the Int Corps is a bit small they'll probably piggy back on to another Corps. (AGC?)
Don't you have to be Welsh guards or Fijian to play Rugby in the Army? or is that just the team that rocks up at Twickenham?
Ah excellent, looks like I won't have to change my surname to Caucaunibuca then! Not sure how I feel about their win record though...

Cheers CC

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