Rugby Fitness training

I am on the committee of an Italian rugby club, near Rome, with a growing number of youth teams.
We recently hosted the Junior Colts of my old school in the UK and I asked the masters i/c for any comments they might have which could improve our U16s and U17s play.
One of the key comments was: "Basic fitness - you have some very quick backs and some big forwards but their fitness for rugby needs improving - as well as general stamina training (running) they need more specific position training - backs working on speed over short distances, fowards more training with weights etc. there were also many occasions where players did not get to situations (to make the tackle or collect a pass) because of their lack of fitness."
Now, compared to their schoolmates, these lads are very fit, they can play a full 70 mins at speed - but that is only a comparison. Compared to their age group at a public school, there is a big difference. But then, at this particular school, they have a huge gym, fitness rooms, and sport is compulsory almost every day.
Compare this to the Italian school system where gym lessons (so my son tells me) are nothing more than an untutored game of basketball or volleyball - if they're lucky.
Clearly, we need to get these lads doing something more physically demanding in terms of training. The problem is that we have no gym facilities, weights etc, and the majority of the parents aren't able to afford the fees for a private gym.
So, thinking back a (goodish) way, I realised the best thing we can do is set up some circuit training during evening training sessions, using whatever is available, e.g. logs, picking up, for the use of, and any other items of easily available kit.
Does anybody have any advice/publications they can send me, or know where I can get some on-line, so that we can set up these circuits on the training pitch?

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