Rugby festival in Hohne

The ball is rolling(although not in a line) for the second Hohne 15's rugby fest. It will take place on the two Golden acre's opposite the oak on Sat 08 Sep 07 in Hohne Camp.

A day of Rugby and beer. :D

The general idea is to get teams from across BFG to play in a hard and fast 15's comp and then in the bar afterwards.

As we are a careing shareing army there will be Stall's beer tent food and bits for the families.

The day is not for just players but spectators who wish to watch drink and generally have some fun.

Song books and voices a must for the 3rd half. :p :p

Any questions PM me.
I have just been online and seen that england play their first game kick off at 1800.

What better way to start the world cup than a day of rugby then some international action after a day of rugby and BEER :D .

PM me if you want to come or reqiure accm.

The day is coming dont miss out.

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