Rugby - Do we need a PTI?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Countrylad, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. Last December we had a canteen meeting at my TAC and a suggestion was put up to start a sqn rugby team, well I've got off my backside and kicked it off. I've now got a 20 man squad signed up, the possibility of three friendly fixtures (although yet to have confirmations) and a kit design. Last night however, I was told that we need a PTI. What I want to know is that the case? I don't want to go to the OC to ask for his blessing and then realise we can't proceed.

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Ask any major unit with a good team. Usually an officer is assigned as 'rugby officer' to organise teams, fixtures etc etc. Insurance is another thing to consider as well. coaching qualifications are a good thing to consider with a few being run through the year be it civvy or a military course. In all my experience of rugby both military and civvy we had PTI's on the team but they were part of the team and the coach who had no pti experience ran the training sessions that had been covered in coaching courses and the pti's kept quiet and got on with the training with only advice on stretching.
  3. Get your squadron team registered as an RFC with the RFU and I believe insurance is covered this way for major injuries etc?
  4. What he said Pti did a warm down and warm up that was it.
  5. Thanks for your replies, we actually have a PTI on the team but he will most likely be unable to make most of the training, would that be a show stopper?
  6. As someone else said affiliate with the RFU it is normally pretty cheap and gives you access to all sorts of goodies including tickets for internationals.

    Start off with the freebie IRB rugby ready self teach certificate - go to the following site: register, complete the test and then save the PDF somewhere handy. If you loose it you can always connect again and get another copy. You WILL need this certificate before you take any other RFU/SRU/WRU coaching course. This is not as basic as it might seem and gives you a bit of paper to wave.

    Next find the nearest UKCC level 1 course being taking in your area from the RFU website: That will cover you as being competent to coach, it will also teach you a lot about teaching people. The UKCC courses will eventually be the license to coach anywhere in the UK, for more info have a look here:
  7. No PTI needed as discussed above, get coaching quals if you havent got anyone suitably qualified and affiliated to the RFU through the ARU and bobs your aunties live in lover :)
  8. As others have said no PTI is needed, I run my units rugby team. I got my level 1 coaching qual and have 30 years of experienceof playing behind me.
  9. Get associated to the ARU and local county RFU; local county friendlies may be easier to get for a TA rugby team, or matches against other TA units of similar standard.

    Don't make the mistake my team made and play SEME 1st XV or 17 Port & Maritime.....
  10. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Also good to get at least one person on a refereeing course....the coaching courses tend to skim over the technical side of the laws...the level 1 refs course is a good one for the little technical questions and finding out that they changed the laws 4 times in the last 5 years.

  11. Are you in the south west? Fancy a game? :D

    Thanks Gents for all your input, very much appreciated. So in short we would need to register with the ARU and either find someone with a coaching qual or get someone on a course for one.

    Thanks again.
  12. What unit are you & location? I can PM you the details of a couple of teams down there willing to play.