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Butler and Moore - lets go upstairs to the TV officials?

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Right, Butler and Moore have been annoying me for quite some time. They are dull, uninformative about the players, venues, issues and a pair of opinionated eejits as ever walked the ground. And if I hear them refer to a player in a head guard with say a six on his head as having done something, when it is clear to see that the player in question is guardless and wearing a seven, say I will scream.

I am writing to the BBC tomorrow to demand that neither of these pointless oafs graces the panel, the microphone or any appurtenance of the BBC Rugby coverage again. Who is with me? Come on, lets put Arrse to work!


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Totally agree. Especially 'Moore'............if commentators are supposed to be impartial, I think they are kind of missing the point with him about. He may as well be dressed in his England kit.

Reminds me of the days when Nigel Starmer-Smith used to give his commentaries...........when England were on the attack, they were all triumphant but, when they were under pressure from their opposition it was always how well they were defending.

Nobody could ever compare with the great Bill McLaren, and no, I'm not a Jock either.


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I suppose that there is one slight bit of comfort to be gleaned from the way the BBC choose the commentators for matches. They keep Butler (complete fuckwit) and Moore (complete KAAAAAHNT) for the unimportant games, i.e. when England are playing.

Even when the producer went to the pitchside to get comments, Moore kept trying to but in and as soon as the guy (can't remember is name at this time of night) finished, in jumps TCM with a load of shoite which he seems to think proves himself right. How I detest that man.

It used to be that we could go interactive and get a different set of reporters, usually the radio coverage, but it seems I can't do that now for some reason.

Bill McLaren, regardless of his nationality, was the greatest commentator ever and deserved a Knighthood for what he did to bring the game of rugby union on in the eyes of the general public. What a gentleman, what a font of knowledge.
Add in Phil "Ireland for ever" Matthews and you're about there...

Still, at least they're not Jonathan "Oh God Wales were so much better when I was there" Davies...


It's a shame they didn't video Moore and Wood's encounter after the last Ireland-England match, Wood was all on for educating him! Moore is a complete t0sser, but of late at least he has been trying to be impartial.

IMHO, even worse is that complete and utter CNUT Butler - who last time I looked was a former Welsh international, from his commentary you would think that he was fecking english.

Let's face it nothing can compare to the immortal McLaren...
Please please please get rid of that ignorant moron Bulldog Moore. He really hasn't got a clue.
Checking the poll, I am astounded to see 100% of those who have voted are in agreement with the motion "This house thinks Bultler and Moron should have their coats fetched whilst a taxicab is called..."

If we extrapolate this across the wider population, then in accordance with von Detterling-Sydowski's Third Principle and as Balzac himself might have written, surely one might say:

"WTF are they doing still on the BBC?"

I mean, aren't people actively lobbying the BBC for the dismissal of these two idiots not so savant? I wrote to the BBC on Monday. Well, come on then!