Rugby Challenge Cup Warrington v Huddersfield

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by RearWords, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Two superb semi-final matches. So the big guns are out and we have an evenly matched spectacle to look forward to on the 29 August at Wembley.

    My money is on Warrington to win....gonna be a tight game, what does everyone else think?
  2. Warrington for me too, will Carney be fit for it? I missed he had an injury, tend to watch Union to be honest. Enjoyed all the matches at the weekend. The final should be interesting.
  3. If the weekend matches are anything to go by, then the standard of the tackles from both teams needs to be better.Hopefully as well ,the standard of the referee should be spot on as well (reckon Ganson will get it this year).Its good to have 2 different teams for a change, our sports top event lies on your shoulders Warrington and Huddersfield lets have a good 1 !
  4. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    FFS NO!!!! Not Ganson. ANYONE but Ganson. Most bloody boring ref in league...

    I would like to think that Warrington have the edge (not just cos I am a Wires fan either). Huddersfield have a pretty damn solid defence and have had a very good run of form lately true. BUT the Giants are one team that we can reliably beat. Plus Morley has a good side line in cutting Crabtree in half for shits and giggles :twisted:

    So come on the Wire says I...
  5. not much of a choice in refs at moment.silverwood did it last year,Thaler is a tw@t, the french one is absolute pish so looks like ganson.Only thing that puts me off shouting for wire that day is Briers.
  6. Come on the Wire!!!!!

    My money is on Warrington, not least for the fact that I reckon Morley will threaten each and every one of his oppos with a savage bum raping should they lose. And good drills that man if he does.
  7. The Wires might have been consistently beating them but Wembley and the final is another ballgame. That place can produce the unexpected and neither team have been there for a while! Lets hope the nerves stay up north... :D
  8. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Briers is a chod. Two seasons ago I was in a debate about where we should have been playing Briers for best effect. I suggested the best place to play him was at Leigh Centurions... He might largely be off the coke now and he is playing a lot better for it. When he has a good day, he has a blinder. When he doesn't, he is an utter mess...
  9. Huddersfield had by far the harder semi, Saints are no walkover and they have been the form side for a good few years now. Yes Warrington turned it on for the semi but they put up a lacklustre show against Wigan yesterday, they certainly didn't look like a cup winning side.
    It's hard to pick a clear favourite and that's the way it should be. Two teams hammering it out with each other, both with a high expectancy of winning and both prepared to battle right to the final whistle. Whoever wins I predict an exciting match, let's hope Morley rises to the occasion and doesn't lose his head. Crabtree has been getting better and better of late, he is certainly making the yards although he also has a habit of making some stupid mistakes as evidenced by his attacking 'kick' against Saints!
    I predict a thoroughly engaging match which I shall enjoy watching in the Swan Inn at Costa Teguise. I shall be pissed! ;)
  10. just finished watching the Bradford and Huddersfield super league game.Huddersfield have had a blinding season and tonight they had a hard match up against Bradford that most people had written off.Hudd now play saints on Fri which will be last match before Wembly, will they have enough fuel left in the tank for the final ?
  11. Saints lost to Hull Kingston Rovers today and I can't recall the last time they lost three in a row so I should imagine they'll be going all guns blazing, especially given that another defeat would put their Super League Crown in doubt.
    Monaghan and Robinson were outstanding for Huddersfield with a relatively quiet game for Leroy Cudjoe. Given tonight's performance I would give them a chance against Saints were it not for the factors I mentioned in the first paragraph. Therefore I think Saints will win by a country mile. Especially if Nathan Brown decides that their chances for glory are better at Wembley than Old Trafford.
  12. Steve Ganson will be in charge of Saturday’s Carnegie Challenge Cup final between Huddersfield Giants and Warrington Wolves at Wembley.

    It will be the 39-year-old’s third Cup final. Video referee will be Warrington’s Phil Bentham.
  13. Let's hope he has a good day then because on a bad day he's fcuking awful! At least Phil Bentham doesn't usually take half an hour over the decisions.
  14. As a retire part time wires player living in Aus my the ghosts of Bevan, Helme, and Harry Bath smile on the Wires and give us a performance like in wembley and Odsal, back in the days when the Wire was Warrington
  15. Wish I was at Wembley on Saturday, is anyone going? I will be in Cornwall at the Arrse Beach BBQ drink in hand, Sainty's steak sandwich in the other and no tv in sight.... :x

    This is a shameless bump by the way.

    Where are the Huddersfield fans?????? Come on the Wires. :lol: