Rugby Autumn Internationals Thread

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Oct 30, 2010.

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  1. Just thought I'd kick this off by saying that the Bledisloe Cup game in Honkers this morning was an incredible game. Well done to the Aussies for their comeback at the end. Both teams were excellent.

    The Home Nations are going to be up against it......
  2. Edge of the seat game with both sets of players playing a punishing tempo. Best game I've watched in a good while. Just hope that they can be matched this Autumn?!
  3. Being a Southerner the Sthn hemisphere rugby has been fascinating to watch this year. The Tri-nations saw some amazing ball in hand play and particularly the Aussies and Kiwis seemed to break completely out of the paradigm of kicking out of trouble from anywhere from 25 metres out and were happy to run it. Less stoppages, more back line play and some very good forward hands on display.

    Makes for great viewing... am looking forward to the Autumn internationals to see how they run against the best the Nth can offer. Going to be some top games. If the Kiwis and Aussies can continue to keep their foot on the pedal and the ball in hand I think the Nth could struggle a little. But these games give them a great chance to work out how to counter the style before the world cup.
  4. Oh God, I have tickets to Wales-Australia and I have a very bad feeling. Saying that, it couldn't be worse than the last Wales-Australia match. Terrible game, no atmosphere, signals failed, no trains for ages and rail staff completely flummoxed by simple questions like "Where's this train going to?"
  5. Looking forward to the next 4 weeks as always, but having watched some of the Tri-Nations and Saturdays game, I am, as I'm sure many are, under no illusions.

    As long as England play their game to their strengths we should remain competitive. Any deviation will be painful to watch.

    Saturdays display of pace and power certainly sent a message....
  6. Australia's biggest issue at the moment is consistency. Twice they have led NZ and been beaten this season due to 20 minute odd lapses. Last weekend was a breakthrough of sorts but will only be seen as a turning point if we learn to shut out the game at the end. Having said that I am keen to see how Quade Cooper and Kurtley Beale go against Northern backlines.... bring on the weekend and Wales!
  7. Well it is obviously foolish to draw too many parallels but casting our minds back to last autumn and Scotland's triumph over australia...does this bode well for the 13th November?! No, I am merely jesting but I think that the competition NZ experience at the breakdown from the Scots will be a bit more intense than they have had to experience for a wee while.
  8. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I hope so, we put in a rather good performance a wee while back, depsite losing to them: having said that I have this terrible nagging feeling that idiotic handling mistakes will be our undoing again.
  9. The biggest problem for Scotland is who will be playing at 10? At least we won't have "Oh my" Godman playing.
    The front row should hold their own with Chuck and Moray Low playing out of there skin and Ross Ford finding his jumpers in the line.
  10. Chuck? I think you mean Chunk! Yes.

    I would play Dan at 10 - something I never thought I would advocate - and stick Mossy on the wing. Or FB. I'm not that keen on Southwell to be honest except possibly at centre. I would probably play Evans at 13 rather than wing and if Simon Danielli was sighted within 200 yards of Murrayfield, the crack sniper squads would be given a green light.
  11. Cuddles of course that is what I meant, finger trouble here with the man fae the Pans :)

    For em the backs would be

    9: Laidlaw, 10: Parks, 11: Lamont S, 12: Southwell (but it will be Morrison),13: Groves, 14: Max, 15: Mossy
  12. hmmm...obviously keep Rory Lamont on the bench for the inevitable injury to Mossy. Groves? Not feeling the love, I'd play Cairns myself, if I have to put Evans on the wing. Against NZ Morrison looks pragmatic and boy did he improve through the 6N and the Argentina series.
  13. Blokes I hate to say it (having no love for the Kiwis myself...) you could have Andy Irvine himself at 15 but I don't think its going to make a difference! Sorry we p*ssed them off last weekend stopping there record attempting winning streak! Good luck!
  14. It's approaching RWC time once again, so the Kiwis must be preparing to choke or do we have to wait until the finals stages?

    Actually, I think all the HN are in for a stuffing and possibly even from the likes of Samoa. I think England should run out the Exeter team en masse and then we'll stand a chance, against the Saffers anyway.
  15. I must say that I fear for Wales somewhat. If we were able to put out our first XV we'd compete with anyone, but we can never put out our first XV. At the moment we are well short of that.

    I don't like Henson as a person, but the sooner he gets kicked out of Celebrity Cum Dancing or whatever its called, and gets back onto the pitch the better.

    I think we'll get murdered in 3 out of our 4 autumn internationals. If we learn from that, and it strengthens us, then all well and and good. If all it does is sets us back, then oh dear. We won't really know till we see the Six nations in Spring, but then that's no guide as to the RWC. This Autumn is our best indicator of that and I suspect its not going to be pretty (for any of the home nations!)