Rugby 7's

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by bokkatankie, Dec 3, 2011.

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  1. Watched 3 bits of history today, first women's final at a HSBC 7's, first extra time in 3/4th. play off and first Northern Hemisphere final in 12 years, England won, French lost.

    Great contest and getting better all the time, 220m viewers today in 120 country's, next up is Port Elizabeth out here, looking forward to it.

    OK, no ones wants to comment, I shall enjoy the games this weekend, anyway!!!
  2. Cracking final today, SA v NZ, real nail biter, SA just lost out, such is 7's. PE did a great job of hosting, however, I do wonder why it was not held in Cape Town where crowds of over 50,000 would be easily doable.
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Always enjoyed playing it, just never got round to watching it...might stump up for the series in london next year.

  4. Only just noticed the thread.

    I was at the Dubai 7s last weekend. What a brilliant competition and all-round great weekend (from what my beer-addled brain remembers).
  5. I was at Dubai 7s too. A good weekend, as always, but HK takes the biscuit for liver abuse.
  6. Got to see highlights of the Eng v France game here in Crete courtesy of S4C the Welsh Chanel. Rugby 7's a brills game to watch & to play, I remember getting stuffed & I mean stuffed by a UN team in Cyprus 1985/6 ish most embarrassing day of my life. By the way how many of the Eng team were Fijian ?
  7. Only 2!!! We seem to have got over the Fjian B team, Wales stuffed Fiji yesteday 42 0
  8. Mrs Talos will be happy to hear that, being a Welsh speaking, Welsh woman, from Welsh Wales, we even met in the Rugby club at RAF Honington. The Fiji Bat used to come over to Cyprus every year to play in the RAF Akrotiri 10,s, & to my knowledge won every year. As a nation they are without doubt born to play rugby, if there are any Fijians out there who came over to Cyprus between 1984 87 I would love to hear from you.
  9. I was on the pop with one of the Dubai 7's refs here last Monday. Used to be a keen player until a bad shoulder injury, so he turned to reffing.

    He also does the HK 7's, which, as mentioned - is a massive piss-up - girls go around the stands selling pitchers of Bloody Mary in the mornings. Says it all, really.

    We used to go every year (in the South Stand, which is party central) until we had the bad planning to have a child whose birthday co-incided with 7's week-end.