Rug, Would you wear one?

I started to lose my hair aged 24 and for 30 years learned to live with search fees rather than barbers' costs.

Now it's a self cropped No1
Not ideal- sunburn in the summer, hat in the winter- but that's what life dealt me.

So today, on TV, I see a well know "older" person sporting the hair covering of his youth- not that of a few months ago when I last saw him.

Now I wouldn't, but would you wear a rug?
I'm losing mine too, and I'm only 22! Thankfully, its only confined to a small area at the moment, but I'm fucking dreading it when it decides to all bugger off.

I wouldn't wear one though, the fucking shame of it! Mind you, it works for John Travolta, but seeing as though he's stinking rich, its no surprise! =-D
As the less than proud owner of a fine example of the "reverse slope defence" (I am often called for at TEWTs), I recommend the close crop. True, if you are of a certain type people will mistake you for an EDF thug but you might be lucky enough to be taken for a Bohemian intellectual......... or maybe not.
Looking at some blokes who wear syrups it would be more realistic if they had dead cats on their swedes.
I wouldn't wear one though, the fucking shame of it! Mind you, it works for John Travolta, but seeing as though he's stinking rich, its no surprise! =-D

It doesn't matter how rich you are sometimes!!!


No I wouldn't wear a mullet. I am lucky in that at my advanced age I still have a full head of hair. A little bit thinner than it used to be but still plentiful. I put it down to plenty of minge.

If I did start to lose my hair I would go the Savalas route and shave the lot off.

However for those who are not so lucky you might try:ROGAINE® for men-scientifically proven to regrow hair | Rogaine
It doesn't work on everyone apparently, but it has been said that it is the only think that works on many people.
I work with a chap who had a hair transplant, however a few years on the sides have thinned out to nothing, he now looks like he has a dead cat on his head!
Anything that shouldn't belong on your bonce stands out like snot on a black mans lips tbh!
I have one of these for skiing in, perhaps this would do?

The moustache is detachable, so you can change the style.

A few of years ago I started suffering from Alopecia which recurs now and again, so instead of looking like a mangy dog I either shave the old bonce completely or have a no.2
It'd probably be a good way of working out who your real friends are. If I had one, the first person to say 'get that off, you look a cnt' would go straight on my will and get a gratis round of beer, snacks optional.
You look a Cunt regardless! Mines a pint and a packet of cheese an onion.:)
Well... at very least I know what one looks like old chap. With a grid like your's I'm surprised you have ever had a woman who's not related to you come near ya, let alone bare what the good God blessed upon her. There's probably a load of old onions and bits of cheese down the back of your minging cooker or stuck to your mess tins... fcking help y'self. Your rug's knocked out of whack too, looks like a bird's nest slipping off an un-loved rugby ball.
Sniff sniff, it's like an entry from my diary,
Cuntstab Sexcrime aged 36 1/3.
Never. My bonce will forever remain a syrup-free zone.

I started going bald in my late teens (round about the same time I joined up, by what's no doubt a coincidence) and rapidly developed a coping strategy of not really giving a shit what people thought.

It's not the end of the world and I've saved an absolute packet on barbers over the years.
You don't actually lose your hair from your head, it just reverses direction as you get older and starts to sprout from your ears, nose and arse.

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