Rug, Would you wear one?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by archer, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. I started to lose my hair aged 24 and for 30 years learned to live with search fees rather than barbers' costs.

    Now it's a self cropped No1
    Not ideal- sunburn in the summer, hat in the winter- but that's what life dealt me.

    So today, on TV, I see a well know "older" person sporting the hair covering of his youth- not that of a few months ago when I last saw him.

    Now I wouldn't, but would you wear a rug?
  2. I'm losing mine too, and I'm only 22! Thankfully, its only confined to a small area at the moment, but I'm fucking dreading it when it decides to all bugger off.

    I wouldn't wear one though, the fucking shame of it! Mind you, it works for John Travolta, but seeing as though he's stinking rich, its no surprise! =-D
  3. Losing mine a bit now gaining a "sunroof"!!! Guess I will live with it and wear a hat in the summer-burned head hurts!
  4. As the less than proud owner of a fine example of the "reverse slope defence" (I am often called for at TEWTs), I recommend the close crop. True, if you are of a certain type people will mistake you for an EDF thug but you might be lucky enough to be taken for a Bohemian intellectual......... or maybe not.
  5. Looking at some blokes who wear syrups it would be more realistic if they had dead cats on their swedes.
  6. The comb-over style seems to camouflage well tho'. :)

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  7. It doesn't matter how rich you are sometimes!!!

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  8. No!
    I recommend one of these......


    ......get's you noticed!
  9. No I wouldn't wear a mullet. I am lucky in that at my advanced age I still have a full head of hair. A little bit thinner than it used to be but still plentiful. I put it down to plenty of minge.

    If I did start to lose my hair I would go the Savalas route and shave the lot off.

    However for those who are not so lucky you might try:ROGAINE® for men-scientifically proven to regrow hair | Rogaine
    It doesn't work on everyone apparently, but it has been said that it is the only think that works on many people.
  10. I work with a chap who had a hair transplant, however a few years on the sides have thinned out to nothing, he now looks like he has a dead cat on his head!
    Anything that shouldn't belong on your bonce stands out like snot on a black mans lips tbh!
  11. The people that wear rugs, must not have mirrors in the house, otherwise they would see how stupid they look.
  12. I have one of these for skiing in, perhaps this would do?

    The moustache is detachable, so you can change the style.

  13. A few of years ago I started suffering from Alopecia which recurs now and again, so instead of looking like a mangy dog I either shave the old bonce completely or have a no.2
  14. You look a Cunt regardless! Mines a pint and a packet of cheese an onion.:)
  15. Sniff sniff, it's like an entry from my diary,
    Cuntstab Sexcrime aged 36 1/3.