Rudy Giuliani seeks strong US foreign policy

Rudy Giuliani seeks strong US foreign policy
Daily Telegraph
Rudy Giuliani would seek to expand the American military and project a policy of "principled strength" to the world if elected US president, the former New York mayor has said in the first detailed account of his foreign policy.

He dismissed the United Nations as "irrelevant to almost every major dispute of the past 50 years".

In an article written for the journal Foreign Affairs, he is often hawkish, but takes significant if respectful steps away from the policies pursued by President George W Bush.

Mr Giuliani, who leads many national polls against the Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton, places what he calls the "Terrorists' War on Us" at the centre of his vision and says the next president cannot rest until al-Qa'eda and its ideology are defeated.

He is tough on Iran and writes that America should develop a national missile shield, as well as beefing up more conventional security at ports and airports using improved technology against weapons of mass destruction.

On the campaign trail his almost singular message has been that his strong leadership as mayor during the September 11 attacks showed that he was the man Americans could trust in the war on terror.

Using sporting analogies he says he is "on the offence" and the Democrats "on defence", repeatedly accusing the opposition of being lily-livered. The article marks the first departure from that narrow message, for which Mr Giuliani has drawn criticism over his sometimes muddled and vague sketching out of his policies.

Mr Giuliani's desire to add 10 brigades, or about 50,000 troops, to the US military has been viewed as fanciful given the current struggle to maintain recruitment levels.
He dismissed the United Nations as "irrelevant to almost every major dispute of the past 50 years".
Anybody who dismisses the UN as "irrelevant to almost every major dispute of the past 50 years" is living in a bubble.

The West has consistently used the UN as a tool to advance their own ends and only after the UN grew some balls, circa 2003, did it become irrelevant.

If the UN had supported this ignominious war in Iraq, Rudy "Loverboy" Giuliani would not be singing this tune.
The will of the member countries does not count for much. You know that, I know that. Yes the 'blocks' have been responsible for all the tricks that have been carried through out the years in the name of freedom. During the cold war, for all intents and purposes, only two countries really mattered: The US and the USSR. Since then, only one will matters, ours.

The UN, in my own personal ignorance, will not survive and will not change so long as some countries were and are still created more equal than others.

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