Rudolph Hess exhumed

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by bohs_man, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. Why pick on him?!! Surely he was picked on enough when he was alive.......all because he had a red nose!
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  2. Is this going to turn into another conspiracy theory thread?
  3. Wonder what the authorities will think when they find an empty box at the bottom of the hole?
  4. I reckon they'll wonder how he Hesscaped!

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  5. The should have done a Himmler or a Bin Laden on him. They still have a chance.
  6. Judging by the replies so far it will probably end up in the Naafi!
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  7. Not entirely inappropriate, given what was built over the subject's previous residence.
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  8. Hess was hardly a beacon of Naziness was he ? He went over the wire off his own bat (or effectively surrendering ..)

    Ooops, sorry, forgot myself there and made a serious reply ...... doh !
  9. The idea being that he wanted to make peace between us and the Germans. The jackboot crowd love that idea.
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  10. Sorry for being a bit of a biff but why was he held for so long? Serious question.

    I just wonder why the held him till he died when others like Speer got 20 years?
  11. What,Hessco's?
    Just got into Berlin too late to see the jail, which had been razed to the ground just before LI got to Brooke. Duty rumours were it wasn't really Hess in there anyway?
  12. Live and let live lad, live and let live. Now where are the Neo-nazis going to gather? :? :policecap:

  13. Some people have a funny sense of humour...............................................
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  14. So Stellvertreter des Führers and Obergruppenhfuhrer der SS Rudolf Hess, who joined the NSDAP with a single figure party number, was head of it's Central Political Committee and deputy leader, was "hardly a beacon of Nazism"?


    "I'm just wearing it for a bet gov' - honest? I was going to a party with Harry's mates? I thought it looked dead ally? Oh alright gov', it's a fair cop..."
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